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S2 licensed
I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to say thanks! Lots of skins included here that I haven't seen before. Saved me loads of time trawling through the forums to download all of them.

For anyone wondering, the pack includes 1,618 skins sized at 2048px and above. Smile
S2 licensed
Quote from BeNoM :The results are pretty decent with NN, for example:

That's a lot better than I thought it would look, upscaling from a 512px skin. I just tried it myself (with Gigapixel) on some low-res photos and the results are amazing, really, considering it's making the enlargements from such a low resolution file. I can see from your screenshot that with the LFS skins, it struggles a bit with the text, but that is hardly surprising when the original was so fuzzy to begin with.

I will perhaps try doing this to all the skins in my LFS folder and seeing what happens. It might take a while as I already have almost 1000 skins downloaded and my laptop, whilst powerful, is not up to desktop-level performance. But I shall look forward to seeing the results! Wink

(I really hope the developers will read my pleas and consider updating the system to support 2048px downloads from LFS World. That way, none of this upscaling would be necessary and everyone can enjoy viewing high-resolution skins whilst playing online. As someone who has played LFS for about 7 years, this is one of the absolute biggest improvements I would like to see!)
S2 licensed
Quote from BeNoM :There is a hacky solution for that. Use TexFactory to convert the downloaded .dds skins in the skins_x/skins_y folder(s) and upscale them with some form of image upscaler (Waifu2x is a decent free one, I personally use GIGAPIXEL). That way you're not putting any extra strain on LFS servers, yet you still get high-res skins although they wont look exactly the same as the original skins since you're upscaling from 512x or 1024x.

I guess it's a workaround of some sorts, to upscale the skins, but any kind of image enlargement is going to result in loss of quality especially when working with something as small as 512px to start with. It would be real nice if the LFS developers would just add support for 2048px skins and make it standardised across multiplayer for everyone. That way, we truly can appreciate the efforts of skin creators whilst enhancing the online visuals at the same time, both for players who use HD displays (almost everyone) and those who use VR headsets. I see no reason for this not to be possible when LFS World has allowed uploads in 2048px for as long as I can remember.

As someone who creates skins myself, I think the current system of forcing players to top-up their accounts to access to 1024px skin downloads is frustrating, because not only is 1024px still considered low-res these days, but also, only a small percentage of players will actually do this (certainly less than 10%) and for everyone else it results in them viewing crummy 512px low-resolution renderings which looks AWFUL no matter how much effort you put into creating the skin. Which raises the question, why even bother creating them in the first place?

Let me just say, I think it is fantastic how we can create skins in editing software like Photoshop/GIMP and import it straight to LFS hassle-free. It is far better than in-game livery editors like what you find in the Forza Motorsport games, for example. But I think it is bitterly disappointing how other users can not view your creations in the quality they were intended to be viewed. Frown
S2 licensed
Really looking forward to this update when it eventually surfaces. I've been playing LFS for over 7 years so it will certainly be exciting to receive such a significant graphical update. The screenshots look very promising.

I'm sure this has probably been mentioned several times already but I feel like this update, since it is focused around improving the graphical qualities of the game, would benefit from an increase in resolution of skin downloads from LFS World.

I spend a lot of time creating my own skins in Photoshop and I always feel a bit disappointed that most players can only see a very low-resolution 512px versions of them once they are downloaded from LFS World. I am aware we have the option to download 1024px skins in exchange for a small payment, but that is still a low resolution in itself and I suspect only a small percentage of players actually choose to do this after already purchasing a license for the game.

Sadly, it is fact that the vast majority of players are going to remain looking at 512px versions of our skins whilst playing online in LFS, which is unfortunate as these low-resolution versions are particularly unsightly especially in mid-2019 when high DPI monitors are such commonplace. For players who use VR headsets, it likely appears even worse and disrupts the immersion of racing online in virtual reality.

It is my opinion that the default resolution for skin downloads should be increased to 2048px with the options still available for 512/1024px downloads for players who struggle with slower internet connections. It seems silly to me how LFS World has actually allowed 2048px uploads for years, yet the players can only download a maximum of 1024px at an additional price.

I think this would make for a drastic difference to online gameplay and is surely not too difficult when the support is already there for 2048px uploads to LFS World. I sincerely hope it is something that can be implemented within the next update if possible. Smile