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S3 licensed
Hey guys Tongue
Long time since I've posted on the forums..

I get different users coming into my 2 demo servers and doing this pretty regularly, I think because I have a spectator in one, and spectators and ai/bots in the other. I'm usually too slow to kick or msg them, and they change users often a ban wouldn't do much..
Latest one today was user/account name 'teagasz'
I'd say it happens maybe every 24 hours, but I only see about 1/week as I'm not watching 24x7.
If I lookup their details they mostly have 0km/laps driven, some are very new and some are months old.

If anyone wants to test any autoban/detection etc, you are welcome to use my servers to test on, I use Airio free and can give server admin rights etc.. Not sure if I get more or less than others but anyone is welcome to use my servers to test.

P.S. Thanks Scawen (and Eric and Vic) for staying on the job, 16 years later and I'm still having fun Smile
S3 licensed
yup looks good, havent seen an invalid host since your post Vic..
thanks mate
S3 licensed
my server also started coughing up 'invalid host' for the first time eva a few weeks ago too, just did another one now..
i get disconnects and reconnects every few days tho, I always though it was my stoopid far away aussie internet..