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still down Frown
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Quote from lucaf :Haha, thats why I have 17 thousands laps completed there with XFG Shy. Enjoy and don't mind your personal best. It will improve by time, you can't avoid it Smile

Thanx for the uplifting words m8.
Really hope that i can improve, but have to put the focus more on Enjoying myself instead of minding the laptimes. Thumbs up
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Quote from lucaf :Maybe you just need a break. Overpracticing may lead to a "stuck" where you just repeat your non-optimal driving lines and driving behaviour without improving. When I did my first "under 1:34" on that combo, it happened 2-3 days after a break of two months.

But i enjoy it so much. The battles, and the fun while racing and after the race Big grin
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Quote from Driloniloni110 :Hey Mindjuh. As other people say u need train and experience to get better time. I could suggest u the XRG, I raced with u and saw that u are good driver but to have a better time I can give u some things. First learn the xrg beacuse xrg is faster on straights then xfg so u can get better time, try to slide a bit in turns so u enter with more speed on turns.Beacuse in xfg u cant do that and in xrg u can. Hope it helps Smile

Thanx for your reply M8!
But learning a new car doesn't make me a better driver. I just take on some more HP, instead of knowing what the heck i'm not doing good enough. Understanding where i need to brake sooner or later, how to get a corner better, using the track to it's limits. That's what i need to learn.
I mean i see fast guys doing low 1,33 with the XFG. So it's possible.
Going from 1,38 in the beginning to mid 1,35 where i am now has been an incredibble ride, and i'm proud about that. But now my knowledge is stuck and i need to find out where those fast 1,33 are coming from.
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I've got the same problem with my speed.
I think i'm a fair driver on the servers. Letting the faster guys have their fun, by going out of their way. And trying to have a good race with people who have my times. Thanx to that, i've got many setup's from the faster guys, but can't seem to manage it.
Practising every day and night, mostly on the servers at evening and night, and single player during the day. I can drive mid 1,35. and sometimes (5 times) i've managed to have a 1,34.90. But that's it. That's the best i can do. Spectating the fast guys, but can't find out where they are faster than me. Only in the split times i see the difference.

Very proud i make a picture of the fast 1,34.90. But that's it.
I can't find out where the fast guys are faster.

Oh BtW, the name is Racer X on the servers
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Quote from lucaf :welcome back!

Thanx M8
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Hello everyone.
No i'm not new, and yes i am new again. Didn't race for quite a few years and now i'm back again. And boy does it feel like i'm new.
In race i'm called Racer X and most of the time you can find me on a blackwood GP server.
I really enjoy it most of the time, because most of the people are really into racing, instead of bumping into another player.
a few people have been so kind to give me their setup's where they are doing a 1.33 laptime with, but i can't seem to get mine faster than mid 1.35.
I've been reading the tips of all you people how to go faster, and i can't seem to manage it. Ah well, more practising time on the servers i guess.

If there are faster players than myself, i go to the side and lett them pass.
They do not need to be held up by a n00b like me Smile
If there i someone who wants to help me improve, just send me a pm, and if you want i can upload a movie that i can make during one of my practise sessions.
It's just a thought.

Bye for now