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Hi, a long time ex-LCS admin here, but I think the procedure remains the same - if you didn't get a verification email, try re-registering with a new account. If that still doesn't give you a confirmation email, contact Dion or Mate (I guess) via Discord. If all else fails, catch an admin on duty in the server and ask them.

There should be a forum where you can post a question as well. Good luck on your cadet application Smile
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Quote from Marino108 :Hello,

How much is aerodynamics developed in LFS?

I have read that drafting affects downforce and engine cooling. There is also the phenomenon of side drafting.

Thank you,

For LFS, as far as I know from experience, you lose downforce in corners following another car and also gain speed tucked in their tow on the straights. Braking efficiency is reduced when following a car closely. Since LFS doesn't have engine temperature, being in the draft doesn't affect that aspect.

Regarding side drafting, there seems to be no effect, as for now. Whether the physics and aerodymanic model will alter coming the next update will stand to be seen.
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yes no
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Quote from CrollexX :Ok, this is getting outrageous. Every single one of my races gets ruined because of the AI. I'm just taking a corner and boom an AI rams into me, I spin, of course nothing happens to the AI, and from 2nd place I'm in 7th. I get that this game's focus is on multiplayer, but I legit can't do a quick singleplayer race because the AI is going to ruin all of my fun.

The AI on LFS race on a pre-determined race path set in code. They rarely veer off the racing line, only if the player's car (you) is directly in front of them. Only then, do they recognize there is an object ahead of them, but even then it takes a good second for them to react. That path is also set quite narrow - if you squeeze an AI car just a little bit off line, they will back out, slow to a stop and cause a pile up.

The AI do not have very good side-to-side spatial awareness, hence, if you are on any of their quarterpanels and have little overlap, it is highly likely you will be spun out if you make any sudden movements because of their slow reaction.

This is also the reason why LFS AI seem to be the most "robotic" - similar to early versions of F1 2015 where you see the cars travelling like a bullet train in single file.
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Quote from Shirtkicker :see a basic road map of South City - simply for hype purposes of course Big grin

Definitely.... definitely!
Mercedes are 2019 Constructors' Champions!
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Mercedes are the 2019 Constructors Champions as of Suzuka with ex-LFS racer Valtteri Bottas winning from Vettel and Hamilton!

Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen collide in Turn 1 at the start

Lando Norris and Alexander Albon collide in chicane

Vettel undercuts Hamilton in early 2-stop, holds on to P2

Carlos Sainz finishes in strong P6, Sergio Perez crashes out on final lap with contact with Pierre Gasly

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Quote from vitaly_m :You dropped your microphone? Big grin

By the way, I have a question about how do we judge...

On blocking it's pretty clear in almost every racing series, goes similar like "The
driver may choose to protect his or her line so long as it is not considered blocking. Blocking is defined as two (2) consecutive line changes to “protect his/her line”.

You're right about blocking Uhmm Moving more than once (weaving) is not cool and it loses you speed...

On the right amount of overlap, it varies between leagues, type of car and official adjudication, but the most used (or indirectly adopted) rule is the B-pillar rule - if the nose of the car is not alongside or past the B-pillar of the car, "the leading car may resume its racing line without fear of contact."

In road legal or GT cars that would be at the door handle/rear door frame or basically the driver's seat; in open wheelers it is slightly more open to how you view it but it would theoretically be between the helmet area and the airbox.

So if the car is not fully alongside till that said point the car in front has right to the corner and can decide if the overtaker deserves to be given room to the corner.

You can see this when you go onboard with me versus Botev, where he pokes only his nose or front winf inside and I shut the door firmly in his face. If a car was around the vicinity of the B-pillar space would be given proceeding the initial defensive maneuver.

Again, this is a mix of the general racing conduct and my interpretation of the vague side of the overtaking etiquette - some drivers may be kinder and more fair while others may be more decisive and aggressive (think Jenson Button - Kevin Magnussen)
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Full team name: Divisione Specialista Corse di Ask Toolbar

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Quote from Racon :Could LFS not run the words in an MSO packet through a blacklist before it prints it to screen? It could then do some combination of blocking the message; logging the IP; kicking/banning the user; notifying you for verification; etc.

Perhaps, maybe Scawen could look into this as an alternative

Lol repeat83, who are you to voice your opinion? We don't really care about you because you support cracking of LFS so much.

Quote from repeat83 :Can you explain where is here fraud?

Users to paid money but not got service? May be they was unbanned at cracked servers (who told about LFS master server?)

When innocent people go onto a pirated service, this is already illegal. When they then get "banned" by wonderful "admins" and then get told to pay cash to be unbanned, that's then fraud and a scam. No?

Quote from repeat83 :may be no need to react to lfspro now?
How many users online there is?
One of reason why LFS Pereulok is closed it was big online. "We" grew and become big. A little much more time then online in official servers may be less then at LFS Pereulok online. This is wrong.

Maybe if the cracking stopped, official LFS would have more user count, no? The numbers are divided and numbers here dwindling they are being provided with a free solution to something.
You guys expect a game to develop without support?
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If they are using a bot then this will not be resolved anytime soon - see if secretuser3kk comes up...
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Since reporting the host and domain registrant doesn't help, perhaps those users who have been scammed to "pay to unlock banned account" can post the Lfsp bank account, bank, Paypal or other details here.

Then someone can officially report and get that account and bank holder frozen for fraud or something to stop all this nonsense. Make it a legal case this way, without the trouble of court fees or a lawyer to challenge the domain host.

Better still if someone doxxes the account holder, that way he himself will get police treatment for the fraud he is doing...
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Quote from Siikais1 :This one is still up?
There is another one Smile
look @ chat

We have to just keep adding phrases to server language blacklist to prevent them from coming back.

Pretty annoying, not least that their own users are being cheated, lol

Is there no way someone via external means can forcefully shut down their domain and hosting? Can't something be done, legally or illegally? Surely Scawen can leverage off having some kind of right in owning LFS and its assets and those fiddly copyright stuff that the tweak domain in question is breaching..
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My old-ish laptop that I ran LFS with before my desktop was a Lenovo G500s with Intel Pentinum and 2gb ddr3 RAM, quite low sec graphic card and fully stock.

It handled LFS alright with at (if I recall) 70fps max 30fps avg with graphics turned down besides shadows. These laptops can run LFS decently already as they are, but may lag a bit more at detailed tracks like Westhill or Blackwood.

On the other hand, I also had a spare laptop to the Lenovo that was even older, a HP Probook or Elitebook (can't remember) with a very basic Intel duo Core, 2gb RAM and shitty AMD graphics. That one barely got 30fps, hovering at 18fps most of the time with all graphics down including no shadows.
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Dang! Round 1 is probably the only round I can attend for now Frown

Quote from mbutcher :I can't attend round 1 sadly, but I'll try and make the rest:

LFSW name: MButcher
In-game name: [TC-R] Pete
Ful team name: [TC] Racing
Nation: United Kingdom

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A few weeks of part time work or lawn cutting will get you enough cash to at least get S1 relatively quickly - then go from there!
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LFSW name: microspecv
In-game name: AA™| AOR Nova
Full team name: Air Attack
Nation: Singapore
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Wizard you're scaring yourself... redirects to, no problems there lol

On the topic of the fraud, if you know the address, name and details of the person who stole the company's VAT or whatever, you and the legit company could do a police report and it'll probably resolve the matter because the retard used his actual name in registering the scam, acvording to your descriptoon
LRL Round 9 Event Results
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Join the Layout Racing League Discord and communication channels

Layout Racing League - Round 9, Norisring, Race Summary

Layout Racing League heads to Germany for the final round of the season at the high-speed Norisring, famed for it's close DTM racing and long front straight. With the championship wide open, it was set to be interesting - and so it was, with [TC-R] Pete holding off his rivals to claim yet another win and his very first LRL Driver's Championship.


The unfamiliar track surface of the Norisring was an unknown for the majority of the drivers, with most unable to get to grasps with the lesser grip on offer. With the session turning into a proving ground for the field as they lapped and slowly found speed, it was [TC-R] Adam who set the early pace ahead of his championship-leading team mate, Pete, ahead of a surprisingly on-the-pace Pedro(17).

As the session wore on, Adam and Pete dipped into the 1:04s before the latter put in a lap to take provisional pole. Behind them, [6S] SIMOX and J.Pickard traded laps as they held down 3rd and 4th respectively, with [MRc] Michal in 6th and [LCS-R] Texas unable to find pace, stuck down in a lowly 9th.

Closing off the final qualifying of Season 1, it was Pete who edged out his team mate to get pole position and put him in the best position he could ask for for the race start!


13. [LCS-R] Texas +25L Technical
14. [6S] SIMOX +26L Technical
15. 3skimas +26L Technical

Fastest Lap : [TC-R] Pete - 1:04.89
Penalties :

Away we go for Round 9!

Team-mates make contact

With a long run into Turn 1, it was a case of best start. With an even initial launch, the front 2 depart side by side, with Michal in P6 getting an excellent start to draw alongside and past into 4th by the first braking zone.

A rare misjudgement by Pete saw the [TC-R] driver cut in front of his team mate and subsequently half-spinning, pinned against Adam's bumper in what was a mildly hilarious accident. However, this put Pete right at the back of the field, with work to do.

Optimistic overtaking by 3skimas

In all the chaos, 3skimas saw opportunities and managed to pass several drivers to leapfrog himself from 7th into 2nd by the middle sector, driving clean around the outside of Pedro.

Behind him, Michal repassed Pedro to retake 3rd after losing out in the turn 1 incident. [TC-R] Adam was also slightly compromised, now settling back down in 4th. A few cars back, a regular fast-starter GT4tube was now up to 8th, challenging [LCS-R] Texas for 7th as they begun the 2nd lap. [TC-R] Elmo had gained a position whilst [WCL] T.Soini dropped to the back of the pack after a poor opening lap.

Early pitters on Lap 1

Relegated to the back, Pete and Redbot chose to complete their compulsory stop on the end of the first lap, a move which would prove vital for their races later on. Emerging in 14th and 15th respectively, they were on the move with the clear track in front of them.

The final hairpin

After sustaining pressure from Adam, 3skimas finally let his defense down exiting Turn 3, allowing the [TC-R] driver to draw alongside and past for 2nd place, with a substantial gap to race leader, SIMOX.
Further back, the battle for 5th was hotting up between Pickard and Texas, both of whom were exchanging paint on several occasions.

3skimas attempted to get back at Adam on the very next lap, but instead failed, running way too deep into Turn 1, and allowing [MRc] Michal to get past for 3rd and barely holding off Pickard in 5th.

[LCS-R] Texas outbraking himself and wiping out J.Pickard at Turn 4

Lap 3 saw [WCL] J.A.Katila pit for an undercut, hoping to leapfrog the drivers ahead who were tussling for position. Somehow in all of the battling, GT4tube had now slid in between Pickard and Texas in 5th, before an error allowed Texas past again. 3skimas, who had been racing well in the upper mid-field, disconnected due to personal reasons, pulling out of what was to be a great finishing position!

At this very point on Lap 4, a fundamental error in the track resulted in a butchered Insim Checkpoint move which caused the timing system to briefly cut out, which saw [6S] SIMOX lose a lap on his tracker and bringing out a Red Flag soon after.

Due to the Red Flag and subsequent lap countback, the incident between Pickard and Texas was nulled.

The first Red Flag of the season

The drivers pulled into the pit-lane orderly for a positional re-dress, complicated by positioning issues and incidents that resulted in spectating. In the Red Flag period, main championship contender [6S] SIMOX, who had been leading the race, unfortunately left the server due to personal commitments.

The field weaving behind the Safety Car

The race restarted under Safety Car conditions, with new race leader [TC-R] Adam up front ahead of [MRc] Michal, J.Pickard and GT4tube, the cruise hero who was now up to 4th.

With no tire blankets in Live For Speed, majority of the field were now on stone-cold tires, aggressively warming them up for the race restart. Meanwhile, a poor connection by [LCS-R] driver Texas saw him drop out of the race and out of 5th position.

The race restarts

The field closed up for the restart, with Adam getting timing it perfectly to lead by a margin over 2nd.

GT4tube and Pedro(17) were locked in a battle for the top 5 placings as the front 3 slowly drove into the distance.

Battle for 2nd

As the laps wore on, it was clear Michal was holding Pickard up and slowly allowing GT4tube and the midfield to close back up. With a great defense, the MRc racer managed to fend Pickard off much to the latter's dismay.

In the meantime, the battling for 5th allowed the fast charging [TC-R] Pete to climb right to the back of the top 5, and was soon past both TGT4tube and Pedro as the championship leader sought for yet another win.

Carving his way through the field, Pete

With most of the field yet to make their stop, early stoppers Katila, Pete and Redbot were in optimal positions. And this proved it self once the first stint ended, with most drivers pitting and emerging behind these drivers.

Adam had pitted and emerged in 5th behind GT4tube, which handed the lead to [MRc] Michal before he himself came in for his pit stop a couple of laps after, not before battling with Pete, eventually getting passed.

A stunning comeback drive

With the laps running down and a huge gap, [TC-R] Pete brought his RB4 home for his 5th win of the season, clinching the championship in the process! His team mate [TC-R] Adam finished 2nd after an equally fine drive and great passes after his pit stop. [MRc] Michal finished a well-earned 3rd after a fine drive, equalling his best result, with [WCL] J.A.Katila in 4th with a well-planned strategy.

Further back, Redbot finished 8th after lack of pace following his ideal strategy, with [TC-R] Elmo finishing a lonely 10th and PitlaneRacer rounding up the points' finishers.

Driver's Championship as of Round 9


With a great comeback following the Summer Break, Pete wins his first LRL championship ahead of SIMOX and Trespasser. Congraulations!

Stick around for updates on upcoming events and Season 2, in the meantime, thank you for participating, and have a good one!
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Good news, a clean reinstall worked and the issue is now resolved.

Weird situation this, one that I have seen 0 tried solutions for, but at least now it's out for anyone who has the same issue.

Thanks to
Quote from LakynVonLegendaus :

for the help!
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Overnight didn't help, proceeding to reinstall.

Strange, in Programs, LFS does not show up at all.
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Quote from LakynVonLegendaus :Dunno Shrug
Maybe some registry got messed up after hardware change.. I would try fresh LFS install Smile

I'll see tomorrow, wait it out overnight to see if its just an ISP thing, if it still doesn't connect then I'll do the reinstall Smile

(got to save the files first, too Frown )
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Quote from LakynVonLegendaus :Connection looks ok. Did you try it with Firewall/Antivirus off? Smile

Never had a problem with either for 2 years, and didn't install a new Antivirus or changed settings before the RAM install.

Should I turn Firewall + Antivirus off?

Turned off everything from Firewall (including trying settings of Inbound, outbound ectra), Defender, Mbam. Still unable to connect to Master Server, and network is perfectly fine otherwise.
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Quote from LakynVonLegendaus :You can try to ping here for example.

--- PING (1xx.1xx.74.1x3) 56(84) bytes of data. ---
64 bytes from 1xx.1xx.74.1x3: icmp_seq=1 ttl=58 time=13.5 ms
64 bytes from 1xx.1xx.74.1x3: icmp_seq=2 ttl=58 time=13.5 ms
64 bytes from 1xx.1xx.74.1x3: icmp_seq=3 ttl=58 time=13.5 ms
64 bytes from 1xx.1xx.74.1x3: icmp_seq=4 ttl=58 time=13.6 ms

packets transmitted 4
received 4
packet loss 0 %
time 18 ms

Doesn't look weird to me, unless it is?

Also, when I do the pinging via cmd as Victor described via
here are the results
Pinging [xxx] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from xxx: bytes=32 time=245ms TTL=47
Reply from xxx: bytes=32 time=245ms TTL=47
Reply from xxx: bytes=32 time=245ms TTL=47
Reply from xxx: bytes=32 time=245ms TTL=47

Ping statistics for xxx:
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 245ms, Maximum = 245ms, Average = 245ms

And Trace route

Tracing route to [xxx]
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms Singtel-ACElite [xxx]
2 3 ms 2 ms 3 ms []
3 3 ms 1 ms 1 ms
4 2 ms 1 ms 1 ms
5 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms []
6 1 ms 2 ms 2 ms []
7 2 ms 1 ms 1 ms
8 2 ms 1 ms 2 ms
9 177 ms 177 ms 177 ms
10 186 ms 186 ms 186 ms
11 187 ms 187 ms 187 ms []
12 312 ms 312 ms 312 ms []
13 246 ms 247 ms 245 ms []
14 245 ms 245 ms 245 ms []
15 245 ms 245 ms 245 ms [xxx]
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"No reply from master server" even when it is online
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Hi, just a quick question if anyone is able to answer -

Just installed a new set of RAM and eager to get back on LFS. Booting up the game and clicking on Multiplayer throws up the "no reply" message after about 15 seconds of idling. Restarting the game does not resolve issue.

Resetted the Wifi, replugged the grey network cable, but to no avail. Contacted my buddy from same country and was told the Master Server is fine. I am able to access LFSW with no issue and the ingame account is unlocked.

Any ideas? IP block, ISP block, banned from server, any clues?
Any help appreciated, if not I'll just sleep on this one till the morning Tongue
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Please migrate to NDR.Death Rally server, same password