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S2 licensed

these should be the latest versions I could find for LFSStats:

Includes original 2.00 shared before, some updated 2.01 and the WIP 2.1 versions, sources included. These are all old compiles. Never finished the 2.1 as it made no sense anymore with the state of LFS and the whole project would be best done from scratch so that one can use a newer proper design of the whole application to avoid old bugs and bloat.

I think this app has probably been superseded by other apps by now but feel free to use it or edit it.
S2 licensed
Quote from sti228 :Hello. I'm pretty sure lot of people who use mouse don't know about this. In this way you can set up mouse in game like a steering wheel. So after this you can use clutch for mouse. Here is files and explanation how to do all this. Hope this will help Smile

P. S. Read Readme.txt file Smile

Throttle = W
Brake = S
Clutch = C
Handbrake = Space
Shift up = Shift
Shift down = Ctrl
Headlights = L
Glance left = Q
Glance right = E
Glance back = B
Change camera = V
Horn = H

Download links:
Assetto Corsa-Mouse Control - Windows 10 by sti228
Assetto Corsa - Mouse control Clutch Ver 3 by sti228

You can find my vJoy basic script on AC forum and elsewhere but most of the time anything related to AC hates everyone that creates something for AC that is too much for common people's brain, such as programming anything, modding, etc. always thinking it's cheating and so they delete it.
With AC making mods and being on AC forum = ban for almost everyone I know that does mods, because Kunos hates modders literally, making insults in PMs as seen here in this thread reported before but also even in public threads, then going and deleting any evidence, no reasons given for forum bans, nothing, they simply kill the modding community when ever they can. Most of the issues I've seen reported for AC by others and me... yeah guess what... first they deny it so that they please their sheeple followers, then next month they start silently rolling out patches to fix the bugs LOL.

The only thing that keeps AC alive is modding as it still lacks even basic features LFS has had for ages now, such as a sensible launcher+game executables, spectating, driver swapping, online web statistics, ...
Yet, Kunos tries it's best to kill modding for AC when they can.

In the PIE, FreePIE, vJoy, PPjoy thread on AC forum you should find my explanation of all the rubbish Kunos did when it comes to native mouse and keys support implemented in AC, it's freakin' unusable thanks to their enforced helpers that you cannot disable anywhere in any GUI or file, it's hardcoded in the executables for mouse+keys input, I also suspect some or similar helpers are hardcoded for xbox/gamepad input, hence why I call AC an Arcade Corsa often because LFS didn't have any of these rubbish helpers enforced, they could be disabled/enabled as desired and able to be detected by servers to kick anyone trying to use them even.

You have to use an external mouse + keys implementation if you want to have any decent driving with mouse and keys in AC, define it as normal wheel+pedals+H-shifter in AC so that all the crappy enforced helpers get disabled, they even force some on if you don't define clutch or H-shifter, you literally have to define it all to get rid of them. I even have handbrake defined as an axis not a button just to be sure there is not some crappy helper hidden. Because once you're doing all the work to get working right you might as well do it all.

Kunos didn't want to remove or allow these hidden helpers to be toggled on/off by users and AC forum fanatics only get royally pissed off when someone shows them the bugs and issues in their favorite Arcade.

There is also probably in this very thread or elsewhere on LFS forum a script from, I believe, Skagen that you can also use as a starting point. Yeah Skagen, here is the file name if you want to search for it: It's also for FreePIE as mine and I used these existing old scripts often made for rF as a learning point to see what I need to define for FreePIE to work.

Best advice I can give to anyone about AC: If you have anything to say about AC that isn't fanatical positive mindless praise, then avoid AC forum as all that will happen is eventually one of the developers or mods will ban you and yes their fanatics and developers also monitor other popular websites related to AC such as RaceDepartment, so beware even elsewhere what you write that could somehow trip off their fanatics.

As much as I like AC for it's modding and some positive differences from LFS, the lack of features, developers/money-grabbing/am-gonna-ban-ya-all-just-because-I-can/god-syndrome and poor community is it's biggest weakness.

You know I haven't spared LFS my criticism either over the years on it's multiple forums, yet never had any issues with the devs or community. AC it's different in that regard.

I'm not too optimistic about ACC, I think it's a money grab so they can keep the machine churning. Which I understand but then why not make something worthwhile. So far it looks as a no modding GT3 only copied AC reskinned with UE graphics and probably an online server ranking, no custom servers I think. Aka $racing made in Italy.
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S2 licensed
Quote from baSh0r :The train has left the station a loooooong time ago...

You don't say Big grin

I was like ok I might download this and update the old LFS and test it out. Then, S3, have to buy it... lolol no way Scawen, no way, not for 12GBP, never spent a penny on LFS (won S2), not gonna start now. I get it, you need the cash but the amount of useful updates this game gets is about one in a decade. Laser scanned in 2008 you say... ok 2010 released the latest, but come on, it's almost 2016 and no signs of the xmas Scirocco either that has been announced in 2008.

This sim is dead and most people are loooooong time GONE.

Nice tunnel drive, but I'm afraid that is only possible in LFS's "sim physics" Big grin
I doubt it would go so smooth with a real F1 in that tiny tunnel.
S2 licensed
Quote from :
Quote from DANIEL-CRO :Well, quite some people know this for years and previously as there was no fuel info it was easy to cheat fuel. I've got permission on that feature.

Permission from who? How do you retrieve all fuel data from all drivers?

Do I get it right that LFSLazy can read LFS memory space and extract remaining fuel of anyone on track on a server?
Yeah nice cheat... :/

Setups... kaput (you can export setups from SPR, MPR and also get them live by being on a server)
Fuel... kaput (read LFS memory space?)

Scawen should really update LFS...


DANIEL looks like a nice work, might check the dash and setup filtering, not sure how useful is the rest for me but others probably find it useful. All the insim virtual dash pieces and other distracting thingies.

Graphical hooks to draw stuff, I think that's fine, lots of programs do that, video/screenshot recorders, steam, GPU utilities, ...
Though for me, any tempering with process memory space of a game is categorized as cheating :|
You might as well make a NOS button or god mode, same thing as reading fuel of other players from LFS memory space.
S2 licensed
No, I was explaining to those who didn't know that yes AC has hidden assistants that can't be turned off at the moment. But it's sort of like explaining to religious fanatics who believe that earth is flat that it's actually round.

I don't care about what anyone chooses to use as control but apparently some people can't stomach that someone can use mouse and keys to control a car in a game.
S2 licensed
Thanks, I know, I will do that if Kunos doesn't fix it. At least I hope it is still possible because most of the emulation tools seemed kind of old and I'm not sure how well they will work on Win8.1 x64.
For a sim racing game though I expect to not have hidden assistants in it at all/be able to turn assists off. rFactor had plethora of assistants but they could be easily turned off.
S2 licensed
Quote from tristancliffe :I guess it's one of the things they added for keyboard players. A shitty unrealistic control method is hardly going to be a realistic and unfettered experience. If they truly allowed digital inputs for steering, throttle, brake and clutch then it would be pretty rubbish.

At first I didn't realise this was a complaint by someone using an inappropriate controller, but now I have, I care even less about his opinion.

lol, inappropriate, in LFS and other games mouse and keys are just fine :P
Come on cargame S2 sometimes, I'll show you how appropriate it is There were and maybe still are even WRs in LFS with mouse and keys. It's hardly an inappropriate method of control, it is very much usable plus you don't have to move and mount a wheel every time you want to play.

tristancliffe: I think it's from the transmission but there sure are cars that have it linked to front wheels instead like WV Beetle.

Hyperactive: yeah that seems to be the hidden assistants
S2 licensed
Start AC, set controls to mouse + keyboard, select practice, select custom profile and set TC, ABS, SC off.
Now take a rear happy car with a decent power. Start.
Open pedals app, the one that shows you the bars clutch blue, brake red, gas green and FF gray.
Step on gas anywhere on track even in pits, let it rev in neutral all the way up and hold gas, look at the gas in the pedals app, drop in first gear and you will see the gas is suddenly not applied to max but only to about 60-70% as the hidden TC kicks in. The same happens if you drift the hidden TC will kick in.
Now if you brake heavily with a car that has strong brakes the red bar will jump up and down and brakes don't get applied 100%, sure the wheels may be already locking up quite a bit but there is still a hidden ABS. If you have hard time to notice it, try braking on grass or while spinning or even when standing still it doesn't apply brake to max.

Unfortunately they have so far ignored this with: "as designed". So yeah, it's designed as arcade with assistants :/
I'll try make a video maybe because it's really boring to explain it to people over and over again who simply do not want to believe because they never did much racing with mouse and keyboard.

This is my setting:

This is full gas (key pressed) with wheels spinning, you can see that gas doesn't get applied to full because a hidden assistant is reducing it.

Same thing with brake, key pressed and car is still yet a hidden assistant is reducing applied brake force, this of course happens when braking into corners as well etc.


Ok just from the screenshot I see another bug, the speedometer doesn't show true wheel speed so when wheels are spinning but car is standing the speed is zero instead of the true wheel speed say 60-80km/h when torturing the 1st gear.
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Hyperactive: video about what? The hidden assistants or AI not being crazy on my CPU?

The hidden assistants are known, just not something they share on the front page when they try to market it as a sim but they did admit to it on their forum that they force assistants on keyboard and mouse. I can't say if they force them on wheels and pedals too since I don't have a wheel/pedals or a virtual one here right now.
But I can find people complaining about TC mostly as that one is the most annoying of these hidden assistants. There is hidden ABS for sure as well, and I believe even a bit of SC.

If you want a video of it, they are on YouTube already.
S2 licensed
With AI, 23 opponents, maximum difficulty, easy and CPU is around 60-65% total usage, maximum single core usage around 80-85%. Comparing to playing online I don't see a difference when using AI in terms of CPU usage.


So far I have renamed it to Arcade Corsa until they remove the hidden assistants that probably still can't be turned off If anyone knows how let me know pls. I'm not talking about the user assistants that can be setup in the launcher but the assistants hidden by Kunos in the game, notably they are from my experience a less aggressive version of TC, ABS that's 100% and can be seen on the Kunos pedals app too when they get applied. But also it seems to me sometimes there is a hidden SC as well. Maybe these hidden assistants don't get used when using a wheel/gamepad/some other controller but they are 100% there when using a keyboard and mouse. Disappointed, AC = NFS As said before even easier to drive than rFactor.
I hope they allow us to turn these hidden assistant off soon.

Until then, it's still only LFS and probably rFactor that can turn all assistants off.
S2 licensed
I still get stuttering sometimes, doesn't matter what track or car or anything, it is during online race usually. Last time it did with 458 GT2 on Spa.

Still can't figure out how to save online race replays, sure I've seen qualify or some such but not race and after it restarts to qualify after race that temporary replay file is the qualification..

I hoped they added more things in a year but it seems like not much.

Currently looking for mods because the bare game doesn't do much yet. Basic things missing.
S2 licensed
So they said with LFS
And it turned out that wheel is not really needed.
The wheel force feedback I have seen in games was far from good, rather annoying. Sure pedals are great. Doing fast contra and fast steering with FF on wheel, dream about it

The setups in AC seem soft that's why it feels rather floaty with some cars.
Setup my FOV properly to match what I'm used to, a little better too.

Am getting some crazy stutter on Nordscheilfe (snoopy 1.1) while online, for like 3s it stutters as hell randomly or maybe it's the same point of track but hard to tell. FPS also drops in Fraps to 50-60fps otherwise it's around 100fps. Dunno what's the issue, didn't get it yesterday. Moved to SSD from HDD, no difference at all. I don't think it's bottlenecking. For LFS moving to SSD helps since it has silly disk access while in race that causes similar stuff on HDD, just 10 times less severe, more like a single lag when it loads a skin or something I think.

Again on a different track but a lot less right when someone disconnected or connected. They do have things to polish in the multiplayer for sure.
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S2 licensed

trying AC again, bought somewhere almost last year but the functionality outright sucked backed then.
Now it has mouse support and multiplayer even though it's pretty dodgy, can't setup clutch... can't setup mouse buttons... multiplayer is something like LFS demo madness on steroids...

First driving impressions from AC on proper PC and mouse are: "Arcade Corsa" :/
That about sums it up unfortunately. Floaty, the tyre grip is weird and hard to predict, suspension is either too soft or it acts strange, sort of can't feel the balance but then when I go over a curb in a corner it starts to go up/down as it lands that's about the only time I can notice oh hey it does have suspension
I found rFactor similar in handling but a little harder to control. In AC driving overpowered cars seems to be no problem, TC off, SC off.

Setuping, awful, not easy to navigate, can't find a place to send/receive setups, nor a web database of them, anyone know of one? I've tried changes but they are hard to notice unlike in LFS where small changes are noticeable more easily.
Setup values don't always seem realistic and appear to be even: 0 or 1 for setting something, which is plain weird and provides no info about what change it does, instead of listing say 50 or 70 kN (realistic value with realistic units) it just says 0 or 1...

Multiplayer (beta), took 5 tries when I was first connecting to get on a server and not get kicked for some unknown reason right away or get the checksum bug.

Collisions, haven't seen worse? LFS has poor collisions, but AC beats it lol. As illustrated already in GIFs here haha. Bouncy collisions, lags and all that jazz.

For mods quickly I found racedepartment I think, any sites that collect mods/tracks/cars/setups? Is there an official database for these or is it the usual rFactor like madness?

Graphic options... well turning off the postprocessing helps to bring back clarity as the PP is not very adjustable in game and blurs most of the image with effects DoF/bloom/HDR/..., it is better adjustable in config files than in game. Sure looks "nice" for videos/screenshotsm but it's not so great to have the image blurred and HDRed for racing. Found some custom normalized preset that seems to recover the blacks that kind of get lost with the default presets. Any good post processing presets around to download? Too bad one really can't change this easily in the GUI, all the parameters of the effects, especially while in game, not while in the separate menu program :/ Yeah, it's just weird they still keep it separate, the menu and the actual game.

Is there a WR database with replays & setups that is valid?
I know there is this one:

but it doesn't seem valid to me and there are some ridiculous error times too in it. No idea if it offers replays or setups, couldn't find them easily.

The penalty system if turned ON is ridiculous and annoying. The game taking control of a car is as well. Clutch handling is pretty bad and can't setup clutch to a button to fix it manually when needed.
No ready check before race start ==> half the cars on grid are still ==> crashes.
After race the car goes to autopilot, screen turns gray, teleported to pits, WTF, results are shown, then again it goes gray etc. During race questions pop up all the time for restarting and kicking people, something that can be disabled easily in LFS.
Couldn't find what helpers are turned on on various servers before joining them.
Custom tracks and cars that are hard to find are also pretty neat obstacle for online gaming. If it would at least provide a description of the server with required mods and where to get them

Overall, I find the steering is pretty unresponsive at times, in LFS I would already crash but in AC no problem still going fine.

Sounds, some are good but some make me laugh, the tyre squeals can be weird at times.

No latency limit on servers... ==> total madness.
Cars jumping around track, then going out of track only to be respawn behind you and crash you...
Tracks, talking about stock ones, not mods, are buggy, sometimes hitting the side of the road means falling through into infinite space and session automatically restarts. Sometimes there is no wall or protection on the side of the track yet there is an invisible wall WTF Just let me fall down on a hill climb, I don't want invisible walls right next to the tarmac limiting me.

Brakes are funny, a year ago the cars liked to pull to one side, now not really. With ABS the brakes are sometimes almost nonexistent :| It's sort of a feeling: is it braking? or should I go Flinstone and stop with my feet through the floor?

For mods it would be nice if they were somehow distinguishable from original content, either have a small mark or have their own subsection when selecting cars/tracks.

Too bad LFS devs can't make S3, would have gladly bought S3 instead of AC. Guess I will drive Blackwood in AC then :P
S2 licensed
Roman usually races alone or joins some team if they need a driver for a league to run or they make up one from friends just for a league I too I believe.
I'm surprised it wasn't a link to czechlfs forum, because that's where most of CZ/SK people hang out if you want to reach them.
S2 licensed
Quote from Yisc[NL] :If you have read the announcement about this update properly, you will have noticed that Scawen will now continue working on the updates needed to release the new Westhill track.
They expect to release that in a couple of weeks.

Read it, read the past ones too, mentioning Scirocco, Rockingham, work on updated tyre physics, ...
Where is Rockingham? And the rest? These announcements are mostly useless with how well the mentioned were delivered or rather were not.

Quote from Flame CZE :There are more ways to get the patch, you could have even got a ZIP file:
Quote :2) MANUAL PATCH (17.8 MB) - If you already have version 0.5Z25 or later :

- Click HERE and save the patch installer.
- You can run the patch installer from its download location or from your LFS folder.
- Alternative for advanced users only : patch in zip format.

See the patch info page (from first post).

The textures were those which have been fixed with the new alpha drawing system.

So would one think, it is not so. Unpack the Zip and have a look. I'm going over it right now, restoring old textures again. Sure they are very rare but there are seemingly non transparent textures that got updated. "BWpresswin_ALP" for example. Again the textures stored in PIC folder, that's the main tell tale as it messes up the car selection screen, every time.

I did the manual before, switched to the auto update for once again as someone said it actually works better that way, but it doesn't it runs the same patch installation file and replaces anything custom.
Wouldn't mention it, fine we have custom textures, our problem. But look at default LFS textures, they are not really very "high def" and up to this age.


danthebangerboy: have you tried a completely new fresh install?
What about different graphic card drivers?
What about different graphic card?

Sometimes glitches are due to GPU and driver and impossible to resolve for every game and program at once. I have this kind of issue with Nvidia on my laptop, they never made drivers that fixed all the issues in all games and programs.
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S2 licensed
Still present in 0.6G.
S2 licensed
There is no 30s or so delay so it must be a broken TCP.
Come to think of it, why use TCP and not UDP for game state update packets?
I would not use TCP for update like packets where newest packet is the only worth having and older are thrown away.
S2 licensed
You can get pads under a laptop so it has space to intake air and there are pads that have USB 5V fans. I have them but don't use the fans, they work great though, I can use of the two 80x10mm fans and unplug the internal loud laptop 52mm blower fan.

You can run 12V fans from 5V too if they will spin up, they just won't push much air. Usually fans take 0.2A at full power.
Theoretically 1 normal 12V could run from USB2, the power is there.
USB3 probably has even higher power limit.
S2 licensed
Quote from Bmxtwins :Hi Dev team,
Today I had the following message: MP Replay : Out of stash space

followed by loss of connection from the server. Ruined my league race, so atleast sort it out.

Was it Genuine's server? I got disconnects from their server during leagues sometimes. Was to do with their server not being perfectly up to the heavy load of full grid all the time. People coming in and out, swapping cars doesn't help either.

Quote from Bmxtwins :My connection only timed out in there. Heard one of my teammates had same error message. I've timed out maybe one time before on this internet service in past year. So doubt it's their end, considering I was on teamspeak when it happened. It also wasn't a slow connection loss it was a sudden boot. Saw cars one second then next byeee.

Yeah LFS is funny with the disconnects, sometimes it will hold like crazy when on really poor connection, lagging a lot but it holds and holds no matter what, other time you have high speed connection and it kicks you in a split of a second because a few packets got lost. I don't remember other games kicking me off servers, LFS wins that category.

Quote from Bean0 :One solution is to disable replay recording.

Why risk a disconnect in a league race just to have the replay, which is usually recorded server side and posted after the race ?

It's useless, the MP replay is only a consequence, tried this too, doesn't help a bit.

Quote from Scawen :Get a better internet connection?
Use a cable instead of wireless?
Don't download things in the background?
Race on a server with a good connection?
  1. Helps if it's poor and loses packets.
  2. Only helps with ping being a fraction lower, but a lot of providers run wireless anyway, just not the consumer wireless (WiFi) susceptible to connection loss more easily in rain etc.
  3. Can help if there is no priority and the connection is maxing out. Or your neighbor is maxing it out, etc. in such a case can't do much but to complain to provider.
  4. This is paramount.
Quote :Something went wrong between you and the server, so you lost connection. As we don't know what that was, we can't really help. But it's definitely not LFS's fault. The only thing that LFS can do to help is if I implemented a thing where you can rejoin a server without losing all your laps. This would be useful in endurance races.

That would be great but it often means race over anyway.

Better collisions and lagging cars as ghost cars I would find more useful along with less strict server kick due to a few lost packets on a high speed connection where as a slow lagging connection without loses holds and holds or it has loses but even pings in range over 2s don't kick.
Update controls and mouse
S2 licensed
Please update the mouse input and probably input in general so that it is not lost when LFS runs at high FPS.

Was told to post in test patch but then, no feature requests there so posting here.

Input is buggy when LFS runs high FPS above 200.
Also mouse sensitivity especially for steering is missed since LFS was released, WHY? Please redo the mouse input and allow ingame mouse sensitivity adjustment. It's still running the 90s style mouse input where mouse sensitivity is handled by Windows itself, problem is Windows has only a few settings that are worth using, 6/11 = 1, 4/11 = 0.5, 3/11 = 0.25, rest is useless and produces skipping and lag and other irregularity in mouse movement.
Having ingame sensitivity would grand because it is quite a basic feature and not all mice can be adjusted with special mouse software to match the screen resolution and mouse sensitivity with different screen resolutions. Updating to a higher resolution means a loss of ingame sensitivity.

There is a bug thread already with more info about it but no one replies there.

Do you have a bug tracker or feature request tracker where we can add?
S2 licensed
Seriously, please update the mouse input so that scroll wheel works at any speed of the game and that mouse sensitivity can be adjusted IN GAME.
Basic stuff for any game.
S2 licensed
What I did is forced AA off in the graphic driver.

Because exactly as stated above... developers of LFS
I set all AA off in LFS and no LFS will still use it. Come on!

On a new machine it's not an issue although I ran into some other and that is AA makes surface object bends visible... Might be due to driver but who knows.
S2 licensed
I called it the old and new way because older games used the older way that is via Windows like LFS does. Newer games tend to not use it and switched to raw I think or have some other abstraction layer on top of raw. I guess they can still use Windows messages but use a different type of message (WM_INPUT) that gives more precision than WM_MOUSEMOVE that is affected by Windows setting.

Although as you said this is more of an issue in LFS than what is used to acquire the events.

Yeah I get it how the scroll wheel message can get lost or ignored, I only hope the developers will get it as well that it should be updated
S2 licensed
All other controls like mouse buttons seem to work ok, at least I did not notice any button presses not being registered, but that may be only because they are pressed longer where as a scroll is a single input that is short and somehow when LFS runs fast that input gets thrown away or not read/received or something.

As far as I could notice, LFS uses the old way to get mouse input and Windows settings affect it, like Windows sensitivity settings etc.
I think with the newer way to handle mouse input in games this is not the case and you get direct input from the mouse that is not affected by Windows and Windows settings.
High fps scroll wheel bug [fixed in 0.6J]
S2 licensed

moving to a new computer with a decent GPU it now hits hundreds of fps and my mouse scroll wheel is not always registered.

This is IMHO independent of specific hardware and OS. Same bug in S1 H7 as well as S2 v0.6F using any mouse or compatibility mode for WinXP in Win 8.1 64bit.
What happens is that at high fps the scroll wheel is not always registered and unless one scrolls fast multiple times it won't register any up or down scroll, making a single scroll and even multiple scroll control unusable.

This is very impractical and weird. I do use scroll wheel for controls.
This bug seems to be "hacked around" by limiting fps to undeniably low 100fps in game. I find that limit too low especially since there are 120Hz and 144Hz monitors.

Please revise LFS mouse input so it works at any fps and in modern OSes. Can't check with my WinXP since there I'm hardware limited to below 100fps but I bet it's the same issue there with a decent GPU.