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Quote from BlakjeKaas :So basically it's the same as what Automation is trying to become?

from what I can see Automation is more about designing, where as Gearcity is more about economics
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Looks like a car tycoon style game ... alpha-review/#more-213443

You can actually play against up to 300 AI

edit - found an open beta link here

Quote :So yes, It's like Detroit, except:
1) We use cities instead of land masses (Like in Motor City)
2) Our car designer is more abstract with things like luxury items, but more specific with things like engines
3) Car designer is 3d, almost Spore like. Although there is some bugs to be worked out in the late game artwork.
4) The game play is much more detailed. Detroit was a bit too easy, because all you had to do was put 10million in the bank and live off the interest.
5) We have 300 AI instead of 4. (Scale-able down to 10 AI)
6) Our game is much more complex. But if you have played Detroit you should have a basic understanding of the mechanics.

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Quote from S3ANPukekoh3 :Thats pretty awesome. How did you capture that video?

I have a Blackmagic Intensity capture device on my PC, which has a pass through to the monitor - will only capture 720p though when taken from the PS3 at 60fps.
It's a bit fiddly and tempermental though - I don't update the software/drivers anymore less I break it, and have to bring up a backup of my OS install and restore it...

There are some other devices that can do 1080p/60 or take in 1080p60 but record at 30fps - massive file sizes though
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capture I made - Holden Monaro test drive at Ascari
Even with low res "Standard" cars, the lighting on this track is so camera/film like
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Quote from S3ANPukekoh3 :Had my first drive around Mt Panorama in the AU. Laptimes pretty similar to what they are for me in rFactor/iRacing, although GT is a lot more forgiving so it only took a few laps to get up to speed. They really seem to have this track nailed IMO. Really wish we had newer/more detailed Supercars though.

Well all the newer tracks are laser scanned for sure

Quote :PD scans tracks for a long time, they just do not brag to much about it.

They scan the surface and they have a specially equipped car that captures surface data for suspension engine as well, on top of other video-equimpment that records the driving on some track with 8 cameras in the same time.

pic of one of their scanning devices

Bought the Monaro - stuck a wing to make it look like the 24 hour racer, time for some Bathurst
Sounds a little better than in GT5, top end of the rev range is where it goes bad, same for the 22B - you get that Boxer throb with the exhaust upgrades, but lose it in the upper revs...
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BRZ with semi-racing exhaust sounds pretty good for a GT game...

Interesting that PD recorded different sounds for the BRZ, Scion FR-S and FT86 even if they use the same engine. Wonder if that translates to the sports/semi-racing and racing exhausts as well

You expect the BRZ, FT86 and Scion FR-S to sound and behave closer to the real things, since PD spend so much time with them and measuring them on track
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Quote from S3ANPukekoh3 :It's actually really bad. I work in an Electronics store and overall nationwide we've sold something like 6 units. One of those was me

Digital downloads might be a factor, that wasn't an option GT5
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M4 to GT6 coming this Thursday they say

Been noticing a lot of mini updates getting downloaded
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Quote from BigPeBe :Interesting. Maybe my memory fails or I have read false information then.

from earlier in the thread - might have to check out this car in the game
The US producer did say stuff about filtering being needed in the future, in the live stream that was showing the rebuilding of the Hudson, since right now it's all raw

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Quote from BigPeBe :In this video the metallic sound you describe is the induction sound. The low "thud thud thud" is exhaust.
I don't really care about GT6, but IIRC the biggest problem with PD sounds is that the samples they have bothered recording are done without any load, just free-revving the engine at stand still. It's not the only problem tho, the sound engine itself is pretty horrid also.

BTW I'm not a fan of the modern Mercedes V8 sound myself.

I posted a pic some where here of them recording a car on the dyno, so they do them that way for sure
They just use very short samples and not a lot of them spaced throughout the rev range, probably just 2 at most. Memory is tight for them - 256MB in the PS3 can only go so far. Especially when x16 cars


here is a test drive vid I did today of the AMG Vision GT - sounds a bit like an SLS
AMG did supply the engine sounds though...
You can still tell there aren't a lot of samples used throughout the rev range, gets a little "chipmunk" at the top end
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Quote from CheerioDM : ... Gran-Turismo-5-60910.html

Teribble comparo, as the GT6 replays have motion blur even in the normal gameplay views unlike in GT5

Also no more low res alpha on smoke etc unlike in GT5 which was pretty ugly

There is less AA, but higher res in 1080p, but also more erratic frame rate.
720p is smooth though

I use the "Sharp" display setting - removes the blurry FXAA style AA
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Quote from Hyperactive :Is it really noticeable difference? Do almost all of the cars have tons of understeer by default, is abs 0 usable and do you still need to put softer compounds on the front to get somewhat neutral handling? Do kerbs upset the car? If it is noticeably better to drive than gt5 I might get it for online racing but the academy demo felt kinda slightly improved but not enough imho. Does the modern skyline for example still drive like a strange diarrhea of underteer with random snap oversteer? Do you need to rotate the car into the turn by coming off the brakes abruptly to get a snap oversteer to not understeer like in the academy demo?

I haven't done mega amounts of testing, or driven many cars yet, but that driving on ice feeling in GT5 when you start to slide/power oversteer is no longer there and to a lesser extent the GTA demo ( which had it a bit)
There is more of a textured grippy slide - especially when you pull the handbrake etc

It feels different from the GTA demo even. Much more inbetween stuff in the transitions etc.
Even FF cars will sometimes tighten into the turn, on powering out of a turn, instead of washing wide - the tail swinging more outwards etc.

Tyre model and suspension has improved a lot - the transmission side of things not so much
The tyre noise provides more feedback as well, not just the same constant screech, there are gradual variations and skipped sounds
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Quote from Scatter :That isn't really the biggest problem in this case. That particular SLS in GT6 has the overtones of a 6-cylinder engine rather than an 8-cylinder engine.

So when it revs out to the top of its range, the pitch is more in line with something like with much more tinniness. It's really obvious that it has a 6-cylinder engine pitch...

For reference here's the GT6 SLS GT3 again...

Not at all like a V8... It bothers me that they got something as simple as the pitch and overtones wrong because each engine type has such a unique and easily identifiable sound.

They could probably use the sound from the AMG Vision GT - in the game it sounds like an SLS, a typical Merc V8 throaty sound
AMG actually provided the raw sounds for PD, so maybe it's on PD sound team's where the stuff is getting crapped up...

Ill up a vid up later
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Quote from Hotdogxx60 :I did flick between Hi and Low. Low beam did put a sight glow just in front but the slightest uphill and it went. I am using a hi def projector so I may lose some definition with the blacks as apposed to a TV. The light were much better around the city tracks and Bathurst was ok too. See what you think when you do National B night series.

Ok, I usually have my EV at +0.3 to 0.4 so that may help
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Quote from Chrisuu01 :Enough has been said by using this video.
My god, this sound is so bad it just baffles me.

While the SLS GT3 is sexy on the inside, it doesn't sound all that special on the outside - I came across this vid
Quite a metallic zing ring sound at full throttle upper revs

I think PD only record exhausts and not much intake sound....
And have the mic too close to the car, so you hear all the air rush and zing
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Quote from Hotdogxx60 :I did a Honda Civic type R around Willow Springs at night could see bugger all. Had to sit on the lead car until just before the main straight to see where to go. Headlights still need a lot of work.

try the low/high beam switch?

I didn't have any issues with GT6 here, whereas in GT5 I did
The race cars are also much brighter
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AI has improved a bit
I had an AI go from inside to outside and overtake me on Brands Hatch
I then mis braked on the last turn and lost the race

Not bad for a Novice event AI....
This AI is usually the "rabbit" one

First replay - then from AI's point of view
none of that jittering throttle through turns like AI of old
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Interesting there is a new patch...
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The tyres definitely have more bite, even compared to the GT Academy demo
Much more progressive - no more driving on ice feel so far (iRacing :razz

I took the X-Bow for a spin/race, and you can feel the rear end tugging around in a very controllable way

Hand brake turns feel sublime, you can feel the tyres grip sliding

Also the Honda Fit can even oversteer in certain corners with power - certainly a first for a GT game.
I just don't feel that terminal understeer of GT games of past even in FF cars

Rotating cars under brakes is achievable.

Only thing is transmission modelling and engine braking is far too weak IMO
In Asseto Corsa you can upset the car from changing gears etc, not as apparent here
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Quote from BlueFlame :Game looks........... so very very real.

yeah, the lighting rocks, but the textures could use a PS4 upgrade, and it's a bit flickery like GTA5
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Quote from BlueFlame :But considering how much you seem to fascinate over GT how could you possibly be daydreaming? Did you think you were in heaven or something?

Sh*t happens

My next race on Honda Fit Willow Springs - man I love this track, physics feel real good here. Feels like driving on a country road

check out the off road and suspension physics!
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One of my first few novice races with the Honda Fit, at Brands Hatch, was day dreaming and crashed

Damage is mostly dents and scuffs
Had Sports Hards and stiffer suspension upgrade, plus wheel upgrade - that's all.
Sports hard tyres sound OK
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While my game install took at least an hour on a regular HD, from PSN
The 1.2GB update downloaded in 6 mins and only took no more than 5 mins to install
Game booting up now!

V1.01 changed the Comfort tyre sounds, sounds like fingernails on a blackboard!

Amost sounds like a glitch, as you can hear the proper tyre noise under that screech
someone's vid

Vision GT has been added to the home screen.
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo is available as a gift car.
  • Online part has been modified on the home screen. 1.00 had 4 available online modes. Community, Open lobby, Quick Match and Seasonal events. In the 1.01 patch there is only Open lobby and Seasonal events in the online section on the home screen.
  • GT game server is now online in Europe
  • Car tuning menus has been updater to expand/collapse function.
  • Freshman Cup added to National B mode.
  • Status screen has an updated layout.
  • Tyre type fitted to car is now displayed in lower left corner of race display when driving
I was right - newer builds at game expos had tyre type on bottom left
Retail build must be months old

you also need License A to get online
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Demo licensed
The digital PSN version takes forever to install?

I just watch it go from 55 to 56% installed in 1 min....

My PS3 has been on all night, I just woke up, I left it on, and it had downloaded over 1GB before I went to bed

Maybe I should have got the disc version - sigh
I guess the unpack and write back onto the same HD is like defragging...
I should have bought a small SSD

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