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Quote from UnknownMaster21 :
But one question: What you are actually waiting then? I mean you have made your thoughts out in this thread about what you have posted here. Sometimes it makes me thinking are you really that sure?

I don't clearly understand what are you trying to ask me because you aren't clearly asking or maybe you should rephrase your questions....

The point is I don't think I'm waiting anything at this point as goes for the LFS as a game franchise...

But one can still share his feelings, right?

You see how Flame CZE here just posted a twitter message of Scawen doing something, but does the front page of the game get any updates? No fo sho'...
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So Scawen reads forums, wooooow

I mean how that benefits the game?

Its so funny the when someone asks for answers/ciritisizes the devs he is moaner and would eat devs alive you say, but have you antimoaners/naive looking people ever considered that the "moaning" might be justified considering the fact that game developing has suddenly died?

It's like believing in god for some of you, there is no proof that the game is being worked on but you still believe that it is, that is not rational to me.

And as goes for the eating Scawen alive....well nobody has threathened him, called him or anyone names etc..I see that more and more people are just expressing their frustration, like myself...I don't think nobody hates anyone here, they are just dissapointed that this wonderfull game that has been evolving in the past has died suddenly and nobody really knows why...

Im done off topic in this holy thread for now...
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Quote from col :Total BS, What you did was not 'conversation', it was just a feeble attempt to turn a thread with value into another pointless 'lets attack the devs' slagging fest.

I see, so free speech is now just another attempt to attack devs if there is something that critizes them...

You sir seem a bit angry, taking this way too personally & need to relax and think a little about what has happened with the developement of this game.... open your eyes and stop attacking people like you do....

Also I do not see whay we need to be soo happy and positive here? (That is if critisizing devs of the opposite of positive.)

We are ignored in the deepest of the meaning of it..... So I guess we should just smile and make some happy threads about how awesome this game is?

Fordman, are you seriously thinking that if Scawen sees this "positive" thread with so happy posts, he will give you the answers you are eager to see?

Darn, am I being negative here?
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Quote from col :The whole point of this thread is to ask a simple question without complaining. You're WAY off topic.

To col:

It is just conversation, the questions have not been answered before and if you are so naive that you are still believing into geting your answers from developers, please continue on that path....

It seems silly to "respect" devs when they clearly do not have any respect for the LFS community and the people who paid for their game and would most likely to pay for the promised future versions of it....or how should we adress this issue of silense?

Racer X NZ, you said it right...
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Quote from edge3147 :One day you will find the road is nothing but potholes and have no choice but to go through some of them and face the inevitable. Sometimes taking some time to fix the potholes is worth it in the long run because if you let the road turn into nothing but potholes, nobody will want to drive down that road ever again. Sure you can make a brand new road, but it won't be the same after everyone has left town because they were tired of waiting on the repairman to replace the road or apply some temporary but necessary fixes.

Yeah, my thoughts exactly..Scawen sounds arrogant as hell....

He is like: "This is my game, I will develope it as long as I want and everyone who asks about development = moaner. So I will just develop it and as long as I alone know whats going on = that's allright with me, he says..."
Quote : I really can't think of a better way to make a living than to continue on this. It's a good way to work and It's not finished yet anyway.

He forgets and oversees the whole community, meaning of pr and communication with comminuty, the ones who are providing him the living he is speaking about...

And what the hell is this:
Quote :If people want to suffer, that's ok and it's their problem, not mine.

Quote :Nothing I could do to stop that really. Even releasing a version of S3 wouldn't stop the moaners, three months later they'd be back saying the devs may be dead, or the devs now live beside a beach or the devs have taken up employment elsewhere.

what is that guy thinking
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To me LFS development has died.....

Theres nothing interesting anymore as the attitude of devs is showing the real true of state fo this game and its development...

There is a limit on the times one can play same game with no updates/patches which have been promised years ago and nothings has really changed....

It would have been another thing if devs would put a closure to the develpment but the absence of communication with community has put the majority of it in anger....

PS. the game is or actually was great and then everyone knew it was in alpha stage and would eventually evolve but it has been in the same development stage for YEARS and face it it IS NOT finished and updates were promised but nothing meaningfull has beenreleased and there has not been any official statements regarding the future of LFS so that's the reason for's that simply

And I second the 2 posts above mine...
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Quote from CodeLyoko1 :updating the core of the game is the hardest. that's why you didn't see them doing that the past years. The dev's don't update something untill they have it finished. That's why you won't see half finished tire models like in iracing or rfactor 2 etc. I do, just like others trust the developers a 100% that they are still working on it. They wouldn't update the dedi servers multiplayer smoothening etc if they have given up the game.

So my hope still remains, it's your choice if you trust them or not. that's why there are so many big discussions on this forum.

Again, core game is more than tire physics, its tracks and also there are cars. You can't just concentrate on tire physics alone, throw couple of meaningless mp/server updates, and yes meaningless because of the decreasing popularity of the game and why the popularity of the game is decreasing you may ask?

Its because the core game doesnt get any updates that are pushing the game forwards... MP/Servers update dont change the game dramatically, you are still playing the same game with sam physics/cars/tracks... its like driving the same car on the same road for the rest of your life, who would do that?

And like many others have said: if the game coding if overwhelming to Scawen, why dont ask someone to help him or outsource some parts?
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I second ASR Sanchez's statements.

MP / Dedicated servers are not parts of core game, core game is all about driving/physics/car models/tracks and for those there haven't really been anything really usefull in many years....

Some migh say that how can you act like that making statements that anything haven't been done, but can you prove otherwise?

Has there been any updates that have proven "non-believers" wrong, showing the community what has been done and what needs to be done conserning the real core of the game?
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Quote from tristancliffe :I stopped racing online when LFS became too popular. I derived very little pleasure for racing against strangers, but because of the amount of players and servers, I found that people I knew were scarce online.

I have done a LOT more miles offline than online in the past 4 or 5 years. I don't foresee much playing online of Assetto Corsa, rF2, LFS, Gran Turismo.

In my experience a reasonable AI is far better than crying, whining, apparently 8 years old "real" people of dubious ability. I used to love online play back in around 2003-2008, and wouldn't consider offline play most of the time, but the opposite is now true.

I second that.

And for Bose & CopdeLyoko:
online is just the same loop... please read the 1st post, it's not about the MP VS SP, it's about evolving game....

So what if someone creates crappy mods, It's not like You will have to download them is it?

The beauty of the modding is that eventyally the best of the best mods are most downloaded and thus the most played by the community..

PLease read the 1st post
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Since the developers are not providing us new game content...
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...why not allow the community to create and add something of their own to the game they very much love?

I just can't understand the logic behind this :twirl:

The developers "are developing" the game but there are no updates that are actually containing new game material.

Why in the world can't you (the devs) allow the community to express themselves and develop the game towards something they enjoy since You are not doing it at the moment.

The MP and the server updates are not what community really wants, although they are appreciated very much I believe.

Yes, I understand that You may be doing something but it isn't present in the community in any way at this point, the are no new track, cars etc...

Thus I challenge the devs to open this game to modding!

PS. I know this may create a sh*tstorm but please try to think openly: No dev provided content vs. mods, just to keep this community alive and evolving...
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Nice update at my birthday, thanks

Still no news/comments on the actual matter (physics, new content) though
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Quote from lol_men :Californian i bet You have played rFactor and You know it was really hard to find game that You could join. Letting peope make thieir own tracks and cars will just bring mess, hundreds of Spa/Monza and the diffrence between them will be just one cone. The only solution would be to make contest every month and one track and one car that win would be implemented to the game. Otherwise i voting no for "creation kit" for everyone.

Good point, that is good option.
But the point is: if you can't make content/don't have time for small releases, maybe you could allow the community to implement their own content, the monthly track contest would be a nice and fresh thing. That would relive some frustration that is growing among the community.

Still the lack of content thing is only one of the matters arising....then there's the whole "abandoned" feeling, even though we know that Scawen is alive and working on tyre physics, we haven't had much...Information, facts, dates to wait for and have been left just handing on..
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Well this is good thread.

What I think pisses most of the people off is that LFS used to be frequently updated game and then it just stopped.. At least the updates stopped... SILENCE..

As if Scawen is a hard working dad sitting behind his desk and the community is his child asking dad what are you doing, tell me about you work/progress and the answer is: "Im just working on this project, go and play your games...this will be done soon" -this is exaggerated

And Victor's posts show something that is not so good marketing vise, the idea that it takes Scawen/other devs too much to release small updates just to keep us posted.

-Is the tire physics only thing that will be done?
-Any other updates can't be released without the new physics/S3?

The community needs some real updates or at least some dates/deadlines /announcements like:
Next time You will hear from us May 2012 or this takes so much time/is so complex that you shouldn't wait for updates for at least next 6 months.

I think that now it's very confusing for the majority of the community what's really going on: Why? Because they are interested in the game that used to be updated very frequently and the community flourished. And now it really seems abandoned, dead even.

I also think that everyone remembers "the good ol' times" when we received a new update now and then and thing really moved forward.

Well now we come to the delicate matter: If the devs can't keep the community happy by releasing new updates because it takes so much and slows the development then why not give the community a chance to create their own content?
- like new tracks, not just layouts
- new cars

Also it's funny how some people react to these threads: "The game is perfect as it is, if you don't like it go and play some other games" -Now how immature is that?
It's like being saddam hussein saying: how you dare to criticize our government, it's perfect as it is and if you're not happy, please let us behead you.

I read this forum time to time and the snowball of concern has been growing....
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Quote from CSF :This is almost very funny. LFS is pretty much in a rot that to the biggest part of the world has killed itself, and anyone that says it is not is just deluding themselves. I have found a lot of fun in pretty much the last 3 years, but I think I, and a lot, have pushed it to the limit, have got so sick of monotony, they will pretty much be gone soon.

A lot of people who defend LFS don't play the sim, or they cruise on the sim, a state of affairs that is funny to a lot of people. This isn't really a sim any more, but a moron fest, just check every "team thread" and general thread. The most valued servers are ****ing cruise servers, and quite honestly that should say it all for LFS. You, as developers, should have had it, and no one should give their money to an outdated sim that is based on empty promises from people that can't deliver them anymore. You had my faith in 2008, but not in 2011. You can't live a lie anymore. You are pretty much going to become the West Bro's II..... yeah? Didn't think anyone would go there? Well sadly you have almost become the modern day equivalent....

Tough words.. but you have a point.

And the other user who encouraged us to compare the 2010 update to 2011 update.. same promises and almost same development stage.

Do they have any problems? How things are really going except the "soons" and "working ons"?

Seems like this tire physics thing is the main technical development point as it made it impossible to release the scirocco and needs to be worked on to be properly simulated..

This update seems almost like a panic counteraction to community's lack of interest/frustration....
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Yeah, and the core problem is evolution.. human being needs new things to be kept interested.. I mean how long can you eat same food? How long can you drive same car, if you have cash for another one or cash for accessories?

LFS is a great game as it is but so were many other car games (RBR for example), to stay that way LFS needs to be updated and at least "promised" or should I say originally announced things should be implemented..If there are reasons for them not to be implemented them devs should share they with the community but all this silence... man...

Reality check is inevitable... People are waiting because they were promised great things.

It is another thing if the devs say the game is finished and there is nothing to wait for but.... the game is at beta stage and people expect it to be developed (no matter how good it is now, it could be better, eh?) but things look sad as for many many months we or should I say community hasn't received what has been initially announced....
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I've been reading the forums roughly twise a month and honestly.....

...What are you guys waiting for?

How in the heck can you stay positive and keep this "excited" attitude going on about this game anymore?
-it's not like the devs are doing the same thing...are they doing anything at all regading LFS?

This game seems to be frozen...frozen in time and all these "positive" and "happy waiting" people seem like some crazy homeless people: "we are gonna win in lottery some day", just hoping for the new update like: we have updated tire physics a bit but nothing scirocco, no major things regarding the game or its future...

I am..or used to be crazy for this game but it seems like this game is dying slowly.. and not least because of lack of information..and the lack of progression kills the interest towards the game.

LFS used to be constantly updated and exciting things being impelented and many people bought it including me, why? Because it was evolving and the best driving game out there and community too...
Usually devs are pointing some future directions and updates about about their working...but nothing really dramatic has happened for how long? You all know for how long...

Do not get me wrong - I am not trying to provoke or anything but this is just turning into sad..sad story...
Over a year of absence. What's going on?
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Welcome, Californian.
You last visited: 4th May 2009 at 16:16

What has happened since that date in the world of LFS? Not much according to the front page...
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Quote :We know this will disappoint many of you who have waited a long time for the Scirocco, and we are sorry about that. We plan to fix the bugs and continue developing the Scirocco suspension and electronic control systems, to give you a good patch early in 2009.

It's mid 2009 soon...
I know it sounds like whining (some of you think it's better to shup up so devs will be happy) BUT the news were added Mon, Dec 15th, 2008 17:30, and devs were planning on releasing the patch Dec 19th.

I think that the most frustrating thing is that it's too damn enough information. Maybe Im wrong but that's how I feel
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Quote from flymike91 :I Just don't see why everyone has to like the same settings according to some people in this poll. First it starts out by flaming people who use chase cam, which is a ridiculous way to be an elitist ****, not cool man. Second, what about people who don't do serious racing? When I drift I use chase cam because the fun in drifting is as much the driving as it is just seeing it. To me, drifting looks pretty cool. No one has to be "on the same level" is those instances. As long as it remains a server option, fine. But this forum as a whole is getting quite Nazi-ish in regards to forcing certain preferences on people.

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There is really no reson for removing any of the present views.

Can't you understand that you can use whatever view you like and let others use whatever view they like!
Don't come here talking about the realism, realism of yours.

Your realism talking is based on the fact that when you actually drive a car you are inside and the LFS's cockpit view is closest to that.
BUT you should mind that LFS is a game and I drive real car in the real world.
I know what cockpit is like in both LFS and IRL but ist's not like I want that view to be the only view in the GAME because I play a game and LFS is a simulator game but when you guys are talking about simulation stop for a while, forget the physics and think about the fact that those other views are simulations too.

In real world you can step outside of your car and look at it from different angles but in the game it must be simulated in the way that is right now present in the LFS so the cockpit only would be crippling part of a simulation if you think more about it instead if just hating every other views than cockpit one it makes sense that all those views are there.
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Seems like on these forums there are lots of people who think that LFS is meant to be played like they imagine it to being meant to be played

Stop being selfish/immature and accep difference over YOUR realism. If you haven't learned anything about acceptace and diversity I really hope you will someday,
because you can't think that everyone is like you and wants the same realism as you do that eats out something that makes their game experience enjoyable

C'mon people, really
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That's one old skin I made about a year ago

Nothing fancy but I like it, espacially whem it gets shady and skin gets nice dark tone
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I can't understand this topic

Seriously why can it bother someone so much?
Is disturbing someone that other people use different view?
I mean it's funny how some people think, really

I prefer cockpit view but seriously some of drivers prefer not to use cockpit view and how can it bother someone?
It doesn't give any advantages (I think it doesn't as you can feel your car much better while using cockpit view) and it's there and nobody is forced to use it so if you don't like to use it don't use it then, but really forced cockpit view is the last thing that you need in this game because with it you couldn't look at things like you can now and the game would be much more boring.

Realism you say but hey, think twice, it's a game and you can't get out of your car when you have to look at the back of your car etc. or look at the surroundings so you need different views. This kind of ideas are just funny because the owners of them don't think it all the way throught or they are thinking too black & white

BTW: Happy holidays to all!
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Merry Christmas to all :lfs: community!
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I got 1:15:47 ith KB+Mouse againw in BL GP