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Demo licensed
Quote from Gai-Luron :Hello racer,

I am very happy to release this insim client prog LFSRelax with sources
To download

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>.

Stable: ... lfsrelax/
In the rar you can find source of this prog. Wink

Beta to be tested:
In the rar you can find source of this prog. Wink

LFSRelax need NET2.0 to run: here ... 62-4b0d-8edd-aab15c5e04f5

LFSRelax cfg Generator ( Write by Yamakawa ) . Thank you very much Yamakawa
This tool easily edit a CFG file of LFSRelax.

Don't put LFS in Hight Priority mode, in this mode LFSRelax loose most insim packet and pitspotter don't work correctly

What do it?
LFSRelax is rewrite of 4 insim prog and compilation in one application
  1. LFSTSView ( Write by Gai-Luron ) for viewing who speak in Team Speak on LFS Screen
  2. AutoMessage ( idea byCrazyICE, write by Gai-Luron ) to send message automatically ( possibility to include pre defined variable in messages string )
    • On connection
    • On Race Start
    • On Race End
    • On new PB
    • On multiple words received
  3. Pit Spotter ( idea by Kegetys, write by Gai-Luron )to have audio messages when somebody is near your car
  4. LFSTInGame ( idea by RiskredruM, write by Gai-Luron ) for viewing racestats on your screen during
  5. Other : Shift beeper : Bip when shift ligth is on
  6. Digital Speedometer

- I don't know
How to use

Configure your insim host,port and passwd in cfg file and lauch the application. You can activate or deactivate function in cfg file

Other prog by Gai-Luron

LFSRelax :
LFSLapper :
LFSStat :

Have Fun!


hi, can you please help me when i open the program it says:
Warning:Error loading ./PB.txt or file does not exist yet!
what to do i configured everything like in dcon config.txt
I created a PB.txt file and still shows this!
please help me
Demo licensed
Quote from EQ Worry :Hello, racers and server administrators!

After about 9 months of intense development, debugging and polishing on the AirAttack servers I believe the time has come to offer you a completely new LFS tracker – Airio. It is an InSim application designed to connect to a dedicated LFS server and provide extensive services to both racers and administrators.

First, I'd like to present here some (really, just some) points that make Airio unique for users and admins:

What may racers like:
  • Many settings, all available through graphical interface (selections are made by clicking on buttons, see the attached picture)
  • Selectable user language (one click changes all user messages)
  • Complete personal customization (what information is shown and in what form)
  • Detailed timing info on all split points (including sector times and comparisons with selectable base)
  • Extensive personal stats (theoretical best, best race time, points gained)
  • Protection from other racers (using many configurable filters such as bad language or wrong-way driving)
  • Easy access to LFSW stats (own and other connected peoples', if properly configured)
  • Automatic restarts, track rotations, vote management, racing for set number of minutes
  • About 30 user commands in many variations (showing all kinds of race/server stats, allowing customization)
What will interest administrators:
  • One instance of Airio may connect to several LFS servers at the same time (to save resources and to ease the site management)
  • All servers connected to one Airio instance use common stats (no synchronization necessary)
  • It is possible to define people with limited admin rights for partial server management (kicking, restarting; altogether approx. 10 additional commands)
  • Many advanced filters are available (lagging checks, locking by LFSW/server lap time, limiting car setup options such as tyres or automatic gears)
  • Everything is configurable using extensive options in external text files (more than 100 items to tweak)
  • All settings and options can be updated "live", while Airio is running (no reconnect/restart is necessary)
  • LFS Lapper PB file import and export (on demand or periodical e.g. for Web stats)
  • All actions and events are saved into detailed system log (allowing to see later what happened and why)
  • It offers several options to communicate with users (text shown on connect, periodically displayed messages, server rules/notes)
  • About 15 admin commands are available (allowing manipulations with stats, showing servers' state, joining and parting LFS servers)
  • Requires .NET 2.0, works in Windows and also under Linux with Mono
The above are just some of the possibilities and options. To read a bit more and to see the Airio settings screen and some output data browse to Airio Features Overview. To see Airio in action visit " #1" or " #2" demo servers. You may see Airio managing S2 servers at "[AA] AirAttack Rally" and "[AA] AirAttack Racing". Note that all four above mentioned servers (plus two external) are controlled by one running Airio instance with all the advantages such arrangement offers.

Airio is a complex system; still it can start to work for you (and your users) after updating just one text file – entering data necessary to connect to a LFS server. To fully grasp all options and the meaning of some not readily understandable items read the Airio User Manual and the Airio Admin Manual. Be warned though, these documents are rather lengthy, simply because the application requires it. On Airio Home Page you'll find other sections of interest, such as FAQ or Full Version Manual.

Well, if you have a feeling this sounds interesting, just Download Airio Now (optionally with language pack), set up your connection to a dedicated LFS server and run it. You'll get a powerful tool for yourself and you'll also offer racers fully customizable racing environment with lots of data or none at all, just as anyone wishes and likes. You may also create very strict or lenient racing environment, just as you wish and desire.

There have been people contacting me earlier and asking where they can get the system for their own servers. They usually said it is currently the best tracking system running anywhere. While I will not comment on that statement, I’d like to add that they have seen only the user part, but most of the innovative things are in fact in the administration part, hidden from regular racers.

Happy New LFS/Airio Year to all of you!

EDIT1: Here is the complete changelog and todo list.

EDIT2: Links updated, but some example server names are still obsolete.

hi i cant connect airio to my lfs demo server. i write everything it wants like ip port, hostpass, but its still says this:::
Opening connection : TCP ERROR
Demo licensed
Quote from Victor :How it works:

There is:
a) a payment gateway
b) the bank

The page that you enter your credit card details on is the payment gateway. When you submit your details, the gateway send your data to the bank of our choice, who then verify your data and return OK or NOTOK.
The bank now states that VISA Electron cards require 100% verification, that means that your card number, security code, name, address and postal code _must_ match. Herein lies a problem in that at the same time, the bank cannot always verify certain details (because of missing information), so the transaction is returned NOTOK. So this is their way of protecting this type of card (because it draws straight from your account and not via a credit company).
I suppose websites like PayPal have a different policy, because Electron cards are always accepted, BUT often require some days to pass for verification of funds actually being transferred. That's their way of dealing with it.
So unfortunately, using Electron (or VISA Debit) cards simply won't work because of the security scheme of our bank.
The only option for those who cannot use their card is to use PayPal I'm afraid.

BTW, VISA Debit cards are _not_ the same as VISA Electron. The Electron is a debit card yes, but the VISA Debit card is another type of card (I think used by UK bank account holders, who have VISA on their normal bank card).

hi, i cant pay for s2 license, it says payment rejected,pls help me Smile
Demo licensed
Quote from Silverracer :Here you go :

Good luck.