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Audio sample for engine sounds
S3 licensed
I found a free program that works well with my old pc to record my gameplay. FPS drops a smidge, but for my purposes it works great. Now you can get a preview of the engine sounds before you download.
(the idea being to save you some time sorting through my collection Thumbs up )

You can view the videos on my YouTube playlist via this link: ... Ya4vTjbrWl0pKuLVU4NM4_F6E

For the moment, I've only recorded the UF1 engine sounds (it will take some time to complete). I will update this post as I add more videos to the playlist.

Here's the software I used if anyone needs the link:
S3 licensed
Quote from kristofferandersen :These are dope!

glad you like them Smile
GTR + Formula - Setups
S3 licensed
I'd like to keep it a bit tidy on this thread, so I'll put all my GTR/Formula sets together:


- A-Team (for my A-Team skin, UF1 version is complete, this has the look, but still WIP)
- HIGH (I can't imagine a rallycross stage for this, but this should help Smile )
- limit (cornering on three wheels? can't get any better [IMO])
- MONSTER! (geared up & lifted up, an aggressive look/feel for the little car)


- levelled out (modified a web set, suspension looks more even, still drives good)


- UP (default set lifted, looks like a toy car on drive-by camera)

XRR: (nothing not Knight Rider related, yet)


- high (similar to 'UP' from FXR)

MRT: (nothing here, but I would recommend these setups from the web)

- as_north_rev_r
- fe3_race


- rally (yes, you read that right, back from my demo days at blackwood Big grin )

FOX: (nothing here yet)


- smooth (why would you want soft suspension? I don't know, but it still works)

BF1: (nothing here either)
FZ5 - Setups
S3 licensed
Next up:

- 2high (how high can it go? ideal for stunt jumps)
- Cup RacingMINE (modified web setup, brakes adjusted for my driving style)
- high (why isn't there a rallycross option for this beast?)
- HotRod (my first attempt at a set for my Hotrod skins)
- HotRod2 Burnout (looking for a smoke-show?)
- HotRod2 (best version so far, drives well, looks the part)

Skin links (2048 x 2048):

Black -
White -
S3 licensed
thanks for the link Thumbs up
RAC - Setups
S3 licensed
There is an excellent set out on the web for the RAC (named 'mahtava setti') try it if you think the RAC isn't a good handling car; it will change your perception of it Thumbs up . Only two from me, in opposite directions too:

- AK09-Stanced (my first attempt at the slammed look, definitely slow down if you want to go round a corner Wink )
- Monster! (re-worked default set, it's not low, so it must be up!)
XRT - Setups
S3 licensed
I know what I said about double posting, but what if that post hasn't been created yet? [loophole] Thumbs up

Anyway, where was I?:

- '69 Charger (this would be part of that loophole thing, my best attempt at the Charger (sound files already on 'XRT - Custom Engine Sounds' and skin is currently work-in-progress, but any Dukes of Hazzard skin would suit it)
- Burnout (good ol' mouse setup, ideal for burning rubber)
- CR_Brakes++ (another modified set from the web, my current preferred set Heart )
- less wobble (back in the 'mouse setup' days, I found this cured my steering issues)
- LIFTEDracer (also modified race set from the web, with a lifted look)
- OFF_ROAD (based on default rallycross, just for fun, better off the road)
- Racing-AK09 (more modifying, it's ok for cruising, brakes could be better)
FXO - Setups
S3 licensed
"Setups" Uhmm , I guess that would imply more than one. It will be the case for most cars, I'm working on some sets for skins I cruise with, one car at a time (currently on XRG). But updates will happen:

- RALLY (default rallycross with knobbly tyres, just for the looks)
RB4 - Setups
S3 licensed
It's a good car, haven't ventured far from my safety net (cruise/off-roading) :

- GRIPPED (more fun, at least when you don't make it round a bend the gravel trap is no match)
- high (Test) (a more user-friendly version of 'GRIPPED')
- Mercedes (another old set, forcibly smooth, maybe even burnout-proof?)
- Police-Cruise (not much to say, just average cruise set)
LX6 - Setups
S3 licensed
Same with the LX6, but I like to have some fun:

- <MINE> (one of my earlier attempts, gears 1-3 are a bit close, mind you back then I was only using a keyboard Tilt )
- MONST3R (if only, pretty much like 'UP' from LX4)
- race_s long (adjusted final drive from a web setup, my current cruise set Thumbs up )
- rally (more about looks than practicality, but you gotta admit it looks cool)
- GANGST3R (a low and smooth cruiser)
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LX4 - Setups
S3 licensed
I'll try to avoid repeat posting setups that are part of separate projects (which can be found in their respective posts). That said, I don't use the LX4 much, but here it is:

- L4B v4 (the name should be a clue, my best attempt at the 'L4B' from 'Reality Cruise')
- UP (sure lowering is fun, but I prefer lifting cars Smile )
XRG - Setups
S3 licensed
Next up, a bit of variety:

- AK09-Lower (not too low, still practical)
- Corolla Levin (created for the skin by 'beefyman666' link here '')
- CR+PSI light (a re-worked version of a set I found a while back, one of my Heart )
- HIGH (just for fun, off-road inspired)
- Quattro Sport (created for the skin by 'Ichabot' thread link here '')
- Sprinter Trueno (created for the skin by 'VirginTrains' link here '')
- Stance++ (another re-worked set from the web, smoother/more driveable than before).
XFG - Setups
S3 licensed
Continuing on, some of these lack some power (but for cruising are nice):

- 2high (is it practical? probably not, but if you find some ramps Wink )
- 106 Rallye (made for this skin '', not sure who made the skin)
- 205 Turbo 16 (created for the skin by 'bean0' link here ''
- BouncyRaceCar (or hoopty if you prefer Big grin )
- Fiesta MK6 (my favourite)
UF1 - Setups
S3 licensed
So, I'm thinking about the joke "another 3 years to update" in the BF1 - Custom Engine Sounds post; and yes while I am admittedly slow at organizing my stuff lazy Wink, why wait. I can just add files as updates like the engine sounds. I'll leave my setups down to your interpretation, just note they are for fun and not to be taken too seriously, although having said that I like the idea of realistic gearing/weight (although power between cars won't be the same as the real deal) (again I'm babbling Big grin )

Edit: It's worth noting that these suit my driving style (cruise mostly/maybe dare I say quick cruises. And my preferred driving controls of manual with clutch on my ps3 controller (steering and throttle/braking on the analog sticks).

Right, down to business:

- '69 Cooper S (my favourite)
- Daihatsu Trevis (created for the skin by 'JoaquinNsr80' link here '')
- A-Team (3 speed with overdrive Thumbs up )
- HIGH (default gearing, small adjustment to final drive, better for cruising)
- Tuner (for that slammed look)
- HIGHER (pretty much the opposite of 'Tuner')
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BF1 - Custom Engine Sounds
S3 licensed
So far we have seen some excellent cars with a wide variety of Engine Sound types, but it's time now for the King of Speed, the BF1!

This car has an incredibly fine Engine Sound, which isn't easy to adjust without sounding "crackly" on the top end, despite that; I've had some fun experimenting with it Smile. EDIT: After some testing, the crackly sound isn't noticeable if the traction control is switched off, or if the throttle is used gently.

The final list (until that Scirocco comes out at least Wink):

- my Supercar (originally for the FZ5, sounds like it has more cylinders now Big grin)
- ^32F2F ^0Bean (originally for the RB4, nice authentic Formula howl [screams after 13000 rpm] Smile)
- AK09 - BASS&POWER v3 (originally for the FO8, some nice variety to the standard sound, a little rough on the top end)
- POWER!! (originally for the FBM, so far the best sounding Formula; maybe wear ear-plugs as the racing drivers do Nod )
- ^32F2F^9-bf1 (my first BF1 specefic Engine Sound, re-worked from the RB4 version; clean racing sound Thumbs up, only rough at max rpm)

The End...

.. just kidding, any work I do on interiors I'll keep posting, and same goes for any additional Engine Sounds (I'll add them to their respective posts); in the mean time, I shall organise my Setup's (mostly for fun/cruising purposes) Tilt.


- POWER!!-BF1 w.i.p (sound's more like it should IMO, still more work needed though)

Further Update: I'm making progress with my setups, hopefully it won't take me another 3 years to update Rofl
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FO8 - Custom Engine Sounds
S3 licensed
Almost at the end of this list; we have the FO8, a great looking & sounding formula car!

The default Engine Sound is actually very good, but growing up if someone mentioned "Formula 1", all I could think of was the magnificent roar of their engines Big grin.

ADVANCED WARNING, most of these are quite loud.

So without further delay, here is my collection of FO8 Engine Sounds:

- KILLER (my first for the FO8, a brutal racing roar; especially on the drive-by camera Wink)
- AK09 - V8 (something subtle that still has power Heart )
- AK09 - BASS&POWER v2 (the first version was so loud it was quiet, but this is certainly an improvement Thumbs up)
- AK09 - BASS&POWER v3 (more is.. well, more; definitely not for the faint hearted Dead banana)
- KILLER-2016 (5 years after my first go, a revisited version; much less brutal)
- KILLER-2016 v2 (my best sound thus far, for this fabulous Formula car Thumbs up)
FOX - Custom Engine Sounds
S3 licensed
Next up is the FOX, it looks like a missile on steroids Thumbs up; but as with the FBM, it can sound much better with some adjustments.

Unfortunately I haven't got any FOX specific Engine Sounds, but these will be quite enjoyable Wink:

- SFX-mine (originally for the XRG, fantastic sound for this formula car Heart )
- Beaten (originally for the FBM, loud idle, something different to race with)
- AK09 - V8 (originally for the FO8, perfect for cruising/racing Tilt )

Update: (my first FOX specific sounds Omg omg omg )

- GT (sound #1, nothing too complex, much better than default)
- GT2test (it's like the FOX version of 'Beaten', definitely room for improvement).
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FBM - Custom Engine Sounds
S3 licensed
Fantastic car to learn the handling of a formula car, but surprisingly quiet.

If like me, you were expecting a sound with more oomph Smile; then I have just what you need:

- SFX-mine (originally for the XRG, one of my favourite racing sounds Heart )
- Beaten (loud, runs rough in lower rpms; however top end sounds like a lean racing machine Wink)

The following Engine Sounds are quite loud:

- AK09 - V8 (originally for the FO8, howls while accelerating, quieter when coming off the revs)
- POWER!! (my best racing sound, very loud, this is what the FBM should sound like Thumbs up)
MRT - Custom Engine Sounds
S3 licensed
Continuing on the list brings us to the single seater's.

Here is a small selection of sounds I like to use for the MRT:

- My-SuperSport (originally for the XRT, sounds like a sport bike now Heart )
- MyCorvette (originally for the LX6, louder sports sound, with a muscle tone in lower rpms Thumbs up)
- my-smooth-power (originally for the LX6, something smoother, good for cruising Tilt )

The following Engine Sound is quite loud:

- SFX-mine (originally for the XRG, much louder racing sound Big grin)
FZR - Custom Engine Sounds
S3 licensed
Next up is the FZR, the fastest and most beautiful of the GTR's I think Wink.

Before I continue, I recommend you try out "Gills350z" & "GillsCarrera997S" by "Gills4life", they are very nice to cruise/race with Thumbs up.

The default Engine Sound suits this car very well, but if you're looking for a more powerful sound; you've come to the right place Nod:

- STAMPED-softer (a nice alternative to the default engine sound, not too loud)
- SuperSport-AK09 (no turbo, but nice gasping intake Wink)
- RoughFun-AK09 (another alternative to default, clean racing sound Thumbs up)

- STAMPED (just for fun, MAX volume of default FZR sound Rofl )

WARNING, the following Engine Sounds are quite loud:

- SFX-mine (originally for the XRG, same as with the FZ5, the pitch is different; unique sound none the less Smile)
- My Bugatti Veyron (originally for the FZ5, great feeling when racing with this Big grin)
- Bugatti-POWER!!! (insanely loud version of "My Bugatti Veyron" Dead banana)


- MEATY-TUNER!!!v1.1 wip (from the XRT, nice tuner feel).
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XRR - Custom Engine Sounds
S3 licensed
Next up we have my favourite GTR, the XRR! Smile

Some of these Engine Sounds exceed the upload limit, so you'll have to unzip them before use.

- MyCorvette (originally for the LX6, nice throaty muscle sound)
- SFX-mine (originally for the XRG, my Heart racing sound)
- Tamed-V8(no whine)louder (originally for the RB4, loud bass rumble in lower rpms, great for fast driving Thumbs up)
- GillsCorvette(MINE) (originally for the RB4, more adrenaline packed V8 racing sound Big grin)
- GillsITCC(mine) (originally for the FXR, something smoother with a nice turbo spooling Tilt )
- GB1 Louder (originally for the FXO, nice to cruise with)
- GB2 Quieter (also from the FXO, another cruising sound)
- Tamed-V8 + Whine (originally for the RB4, another Heart for cruising with Smile)
- AK09-Tuner XRR (something custom, other than Knight Rider sounds, my first custom XRR sound Big grin)

- KNIGHT-ITT (collection of sounds, "(PURSUIT) V2" has perfect spooling & "Silent Mode" might be good for an electric car Wink)

WARNING, the following Engine Sounds are quite loud:

- Super-DeSouza (originally for the LX6, can cruise till 3500rpm, after that the beast awakens Nod; brutal racing sound)
- ^1Destruction Derby^9(mine) (stylized with red text, best suited for short runs)
- QuattroXRR(in progress)2 (bl**dy hell it's loud, but coming off the revs is what I'm aiming for, still a wip but hey, maybe you'd like to try it out Smile ) [new]


- QuattroXRR(in progress) (trying an audi inspired sound here, long way to go still).
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FXR - Custom Engine Sounds
S3 licensed
Not many to choose from for this GTR, simply because I enjoy using "GillsITCC" by "Gills4life". Also, the default engine sound is good.

Now for the shortest list: Tilt

- SFX-mine (originally for the XRG, perfect brutal racing sound Thumbs up)

- GillsITCC(mine) (just for fun)
XFR - Custom Engine Sounds
S3 licensed
Next up is the XFR, I haven't got many sounds for this car; so I've been using sounds from other cars. However, they wouldn't be on here if I didn't enjoy using them. Big grin

(One of my sound files exceeded the limit to upload, so you'll need to unzip it before use) Smile

Now for the list:

- SFX-mine (originally for the XRG, best universal racing sound Heart )
- Novitec-Louder (originally for the RAC, nice tuned feel)
- SFX-Monsta (my first and so far only XFR specific sound, more brutal version of "SFX-mine" Thumbs up)
- Tamed-V8 + Whine (originally for the RB4, good to race/cruise with)

- KNIGHT-ITT (originally for the XRT, just for fun)
- KNIGHT-ITT (PURSUIT) V2 (originally for the XRR, more turbo spooling fun Big grin)
- TUNED BY ME (originally for the RAC, also just for fun)

WARNING, The following engine sounds are quite loud:

- Tamed-V8(no whine)louder (originally for the RB4, best for flat-out racing Thumbs up)
- DEFAULT-Louder (originally for the XFG, I think the exhaust fell off Rofl )


- QuattroXFR (Worked on a Quattro style sound for a skin I found Smile)
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UFR - Custom Engine Sounds
S3 licensed
Now for the GTR section of this thread.Heart

The default sound for the UFR is actually quite good, but I have some of my own racing/cruising sounds which I think you will enjoy too.Smile

These are my favourite to use:
- my-smooth-power (originally for the LX6, nice for a relaxed driving pace)
- SFX-mine (originally for the XRG, great universal racing sound Thumbs up)
- Nasty (my first custom sound for the UFR, based on default, for a pure racing feel)
- Default-Bean (originally for the UF1, to be used with my "UFR_Mr.BEAN-AK09" skin)
- AK09 - V8 (originally for the FO8 [includes formula starter/shifter], great for fast driving & cruising Smile)
- Tuned-AK09 (another great racing sound Thumbs up)

- CRUISER (also from the UF1, in lower rpms feels like an old mini, higher rpms are fun with that gear whine Big grin)

WARNING, The following engine sound is quite loud:

- WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot (just for fun Tilt, not too loud in lower rpms)
FZ5 - Custom Engine Sounds
S3 licensed
The flat 6 in the FZ5 provides a good base for a variety of custom Engine Sounds Smile
Before I continue, I must recommend you try out "FZ5_Gills350z" by "Gills4life", it's definitely a must have Thumbs up.

Here are my favourite to use:

- my-smooth-power (originally for the LX6, perfect smooth sound for cruising)
- SFX-mine (a racing sound, originally made for the XRG, works better with 4 cylinder blocks, but interesting pitch to it)
- my Supercar (my first custom sound for the FZ5, perfect for fast driving Big grin)
- My American Muscle (another early sound, great bass Tilt when coming off the revs)
- My Bugatti Veyron (made this for a Veyron skin I was making [and never finished Face -> palm], but definitely my Heart )
- AK09 - V8 (originally made for the FO8, sounds like a modified Porsche out of Need for Speed Thumbs up)
- AK09 - BASS&POWER v2 (my best from the FO8, sounds like thunder!)
- Smooth HotRod-AK09 (made with my "FZ5_Hotrod-AK09" skin in mind)

- GillsITCC(FZ5) (originally by "Gills4life" for FXR [minor changes], something smooth for longer drives)

WARNING, The following engine sounds are quite loud:

- My-Power (originally for the LX6, ever the monstrous sound Dead banana; crazy on a flat-out drag race Omg omg omg)
- Custom FZ-AK09 (something original, screams at higher rpms)
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