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S2 licensed
Worked for me. I changed the two port lines. Not sure if they both needed doing but changed them both anyway.
S2 licensed
Thanks, doing that now
S2 licensed
Ok Server fille dup nice and quick. CPU load is 14% so my next question is can i run more than one server off the same box?
How to set maximum players on demo server?
S2 licensed
For some reason mine is on 13 players. I thought 32 player slots were available in the latest Demo? Am i missing something:

Quote :
// Example host configuration file
// How to use: LFS /cfg=setup.cfg
// Lines starting with // are ignored
// host name
// optional: password
// optional: admin password
// optional: InSim port
// optional: local specified ip address
// a high number below 65536
// demo/s1/s2
// no/yes/hidden
// BL1/BL1R/BL2, SO1/SO1R/SO2, etc
// weather
// cars allowed - see README.txt
// max guests that can join host
// slots reserved for admins (0 to 8)
// max cars in a race
// max cars (real+ai) on host pc
// max cars (real+ai) per guest pc
// smoothness (3-6) number of car updates per second
// qualifying minutes, 0 for no qualifying
// number of laps, 0 for practice
// if laps not specified: hours
// 0=no/1=low/2=high
// nogfx/invisible
// no/yes: can guests vote to kick or ban
// no/yes: can guests select track
// no/yes/ban/spectate: wrong way drivers
// no restart within X seconds of race start
// no restart within X seconds of race finish
// no/yes: allow join during race
// no/yes: pit stop required
// no/yes: allow car reset
// fixed/finish/reverse/random: race start order
// optional: welcome message up to 200 chars
// optional: text file listing allowed tracks
// optional: message log file
// MPR autosave (0=off / 1=manual / 2=auto)
// optional: MPR folder

S2 licensed
nevermind, i had canreset enabled in server but not in my game DOH.
S2 licensed
I've got the dedi server up and running on our dedi box. My problem is i can't see it in the serverlist but people can join by typing in the server name manually using the non server list option. How do i get it to show up in the serverlist? Does it just take some time?
S2 licensed
Sorry if this is answered elsewhere but i was wondering what sort of time line to expect for patches? Now i know your gonna say it depends on how big the patch changes the game but as a basic time frame are we talking weeks, months, every 3/4 months etc, just curious as U came out a couple of days after i brought the game
S2 licensed
yep thats the same for the US guys in my clan. They only ship from UK IIRC. The box they come in is quite big and heavy, top quality protection from damage, as such i'd suspect that shipping for anyone from the UK would be around the £15 or near enough. Shame thoug as i know it puts off a lot of buyers.
S2 licensed
Quote from TechAde :I recently bought a set of SpeedLink Medusa 5.1 headphones (ebuyer link), and I'm seriously impressed

Btw there are 2 types, one that requires a 5.1 soundcard and a USB version that doesn't, I went for the non USB. It comes with a little amp that has sockets for 2 sets of headphones, and pass-thru connectors so you can connect on to your existing amp. There's also a ProGamer edition, not quite sure what the extras are with that but it's a bit more expensive.

Had mine for 18 months now and have got many within my clan to dump their crap headsets and get on of these babies. Perfect headset yet cheap as chips for £30. Not heard of the pro gamer one though, shall investigate
S2 licensed
Not sure if you need the info but here are some TG links - wiki info with more links - test track and studio location - pictures of the track. Log in with name "guest" and password "guest" withough the quotes. Then choose test track from the catagory menu bar, then hit go. - arial view of test track ... opgeartesttrack8kw1tc.jpg - Closer but crap photoshopping.
S2 licensed
Your english is better than my spanish pal
S2 licensed
yes a wheel as my controller and yes its because of the wheel turning to much.

Not sure where steer lock is but i have wheel turn @ 702 and wheel compensation @ 1.00

Recently changed to that after testing the locking of the wheels yet i still get understeer and locked wheels with the mearest of turns, unless i slow right down far beyond the speed of the corner.
How to fix my understeer problem, help required
S2 licensed
Ok, i'm a noob at the whole set up thing, i know i can get them off helpful peeps in game but i just want to stop my understeer problem. First off it may not even be a problem, it might be the way cars drive in real life and i'm confusing the two so here goes to what i experience.

I'm having to take corners slower than i think i have too because of understeer. I've managed to get used to it but i'm holding up everyone who's behind me at each corner and obviously i dont want to ruin their race but at the same time i'd like to be in the race.
I know naff all about the set-ups of cars but i can't find a guide on setting up a car that isn't an excylopedia that would grant me an Honour at the end of it.
Is my problem a set up problem or is it the fact that i don't drive in real life and i'm coming in to this from a Toca/Arcade point of view?
S2 licensed
A few months ago i would be of the same opinion, we need more tracks.

But something has happened and the fact that the same thing has happened in the various games i run suggests its not a coincidence.

I've narrowed it down to the following results of my experiences.

In Toca RD3, and even RD2 i found the number of tracks appealing, but through the time of playing i founf i was really only playing the same tracks, around 25% of the total number of tracks.

Trackmania Sunrise and Nations has an unlimited number of tracks from its community, so many in fact that its pretty much impossible to play them all. This lead to having that somewhat feeling of constantly missing out on something for the game. As such i stopped playing it when Toca RD3 came out.

LFS has only a handful of tracks, yet im not getting bored of them, i wondered why and its got to do with the quality of the track over the quanity.

We will always want more than what is available but we should try to look at it differently. Be thankful for what we have got. We could only of had 4 tracks to play with.

Releasing the tools for us to make tracks will certainly lead to fragmentation of the game and its community. I've only been here for a short time yet i can already appreaciate the tightnit feel of LFS experiance and i for one do not want to see anything changed.

That being said i am sure there's an opportunity for the devs to bring in extra tracks though another means all in the name of expanding the game and its experiance. What that may be i don't know, an add-on all-together maybe, i don't know.

For now though i'm more than happy with my purchase of the game and its content and shall remain so for a long time.
S2 licensed
Wife's car as i don't drive although i help pay for it. Maybe if i decide to learn one day i'll give it a proper going over

S2 licensed
Would love to see the New Mini used but thats cause i have one

4WD all the way though for me.
S2 licensed
Ok thanks, i'l keep playing and see if they work
exact ports needed to download skins in game?
S2 licensed
sorry if its answered elsewhere (if it is can you point me in the direction please, seach came up with no sepcifc ports).

I can only open 20 ports on my router, i know i can have the DMZ enabled but obviously dont want to go down that route for security reasons.

cheers guys
S2 licensed
It's official, im about to remove the Toca 3 disc from the drive where it has sat since release. I have had my antticipation to play Toca each day quashed and replaced. Here is the end of my Toca days.


December 1997 - May 2006
S2 licensed
all in all, a superb day (not sure on rules of swearing but an F word would be in the last sentence)

Spurs lose

We Win to get 4th

Off work for two days

LFS forums back up again

Damn shame the Lottery isnt drawn tonight, i'd be off to buy a ticket right now

Good to be back, now i can browse more throughly around here
S2 licensed
righto, got ya thanks

Dont know if you can tell what version mine will be but heres the sticker info underneath

P/N 863203-1000
PID YE5462
S2 licensed
Sorry for bringing up an old thread but im browsing whilst the game downloads.

I have absolutely no idea what your going on about, will i find this out once i start playing or after a while from having the wheel?

Installing now see you on the track (or in my case gravel, grass, wall etc)

Edit, Momo Racing is my wheel
S2 licensed
Quote from traxxion :And you're licensed already, congrats! Hope to see you on track soon!

Yup, redownloading version U again, cant find it from earlier on my HDD, only Q
S2 licensed
Ok thanks, didn't realised there was much more. Shall go and purchase S2 now